5 Types of Capsule Wardrobes


Types of Capsule Wardrobes

In this video, Emily Wheatley discusses different approaches to creating a capsule wardrobe.

She explains that a capsule wardrobe is an efficient wardrobe that is refined and curated, with pieces that work together.

She presents five types of capsule wardrobes, including the minimalist wardrobe, the multiple module wardrobe, the foundational capsule wardrobe, the seasonal capsule wardrobe, and the occasion-based capsule wardrobe.

Each type of capsule wardrobe is discussed in detail, with examples of how they can be implemented.

Wheatley emphasizes that anyone can have a capsule wardrobe, regardless of their lifestyle or fashion preferences, and that it is an ongoing process of being intentional and mindful of what you bring into your wardrobe.

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