Two Piece Blazer & Shorts Set (3 Models)

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two-piece blazer-shorts set

Cropped Blazer & Shorts Set

cropped blazer shorts set

This outfit is both classic and stylish, with the cropped blazer paired with pleated shorts. The cut gives off an edgy vibe, which might give the impression that you are both feminine and powerful.

Wool Blend Blazer & Shorts Set

wool blend blazer shorts set

This blazer-shorts set is the most popular look this season.

The relaxed vibe created by the shorts pairs perfectly with the traditional design of blazer.

The sage hue, which is vivid but also calming, offers you some new styling alternatives for the suit you wear to the office every day.

Linen Blend Blazer & Shorts Set

linen blend blazer shorts set

This combination of a blazer made of a linen-blend and shorts gives you a number of new choices to consider when putting up an outfit for a day at the office.


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