7 Solid T-shirts Outfit Ideas For Women

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Solid T-shirts Outfit Ideas For Women

After reading this article, I am confident that you will no longer consider your solid t-shirts to be boring.

I’m going to talk about how to put together some outrageously cute outfits and give you some pointers on what to look for in solid t-shirts.

You will learn how to dress better in your boring solid t-shirts.

There are many things you can do with a solid t-shirt, but I’d like to share a few tips that I apply when purchasing solid t-shirts for myself.

Look For T-shirts With Fun Details

When looking for novelty t-shirts, look for ones with a little more detail, a little more charm, such as a ruffle, smocking, or ruching, or anything else that adds a little more detail, even texture.

Things like that will make them a little more exciting and easier for you to throw on with your denim shorts, earrings, and fun sandals, and you won’t look as boring. I don’t think you look boring at all; in fact, I believe you’re rather cute.

Colors That Will Work With What You Have

Find some t-shirts in colors you’ll like and that you can mix and match with other items in your closet. You’ll have a lot more flexibility as a result of this.

This season is all about color. I have a lot of different colors that I like to wear, so I just mix and match them with different things and try to maintain similar colors in my closet that would match.

If you keep those things in mind when shopping for t-shirts, you’ll be able to have a little more fun with them, and they’ll go with a lot more things, allowing you to design more outfits.

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Outfit Idea 1 – Shorts

A typical summer outfit for me consists of a t-shirt with a cute ruffle sleeve, denim shorts, and cute studded sandals.

This makes it such a simple but cute outfit that you can wear even when it’s 100 degrees outside.

I just added some stacked bracelets and a pop of color in the earring, which is the same color as the top.

This is a very cute outfit that was also very simple to put together. I didn’t have to think about it too hard.

If this was just a simple t-shirt without the ruffle, it wouldn’t look as good. I really like the details on the t-shirts, and this is a good option if you’re looking for a cute summer outfit.

You may also add a cute bag, like as a straw bag, to help elevate it even further.

Outfit Idea 2 – Shorts

Let’s contrast the bright t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts and a plain white boring t-shirt. There’s nothing special about this t-shirt.

All I did was tuck it in and add a cute belt to dress it up. I kept the same comfortable sandals on but switched out the earring with a white one.

This is a terrific summertime outfit that looks excellent even with a plain tee.

Outfit Idea 3 – Button Up Shirt

There is one more thing you could do with this. Some of you have asked me how to style your large button downs, and I believe they are the ideal layering piece for this season.

I particularly like the idea of layering a really stunning color, such as hot pink, over a solid white t-shirt and shorts. It really adds another level of sophistication to the outfit.

Outfit Idea 4 – White Jeans

I wanted to make a black and white look for you because it’s so popular right now. I just grabbed a black novelty t-shirt with shoulder ruching.

I think the black looks great with my white jeans.

Then I put a black sandal with a white sole to help balance the outfit. It’s a little chunkier, but it’s fun, and it dresses it down a tad.

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If you want to add a little more of a heel or an espadrille, that would look great too.

To add to the black and white, I added a pop of white in the earring. I made the black bracelet as well.

I changed a lot of things in this outfit, but it was still quite simple to put together.

You can also add a cute bag, such as a cute small tote bag, straw bag, or even a black bag if you have one. Bags, regardless of what you choose, may make a tremendous difference in how your outfit comes together.

Consider your accessories; they don’t have to be outrageous, but something that adds a little more of a fun element to your ensemble, and you’ve got yourself a terrific outfit for a boring black t-shirt.

Outfit Idea 5 – Skirt – Fun Print Bottom

These outfits are just going to get a lot more fun as we go along.

I chose a vibrant printed skirt for this look. If the skirt isn’t short, you could go with a mini or even a maxi length. But the idea is to add up your boring solid tees with a fun bottom.

So I started with a boring white t-shirt and then added the printed skirt to spice some interest.

I also added the denim vest as a layering item since I find that if I don’t have a third layer on, which is usually something over my top, I don’t feel as put together.

You are not required to wear a denim vest in the spring and summer, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

I added a pop of color with the earring and a flowered bag that complemented the stripes well. I continued to wear the same neutral sandal that goes with almost everything.

Outfit Idea 6 – Pants, Color on Color

You can always tinker with color if you don’t want to wear prints.

Try mixing different colors to liven up your boring solid t-shirts. In this look, I went for a pink tone on tone.

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On top, I’ve got pale pink, and on the bottom, I’ve got brilliant pink. It’s a highly coherent look, with two uninteresting elements but boring colors.

I added the purse because it worked nicely with the outfit and added a fashionable bit. After that, it’s simply my gold jewelry and a couple of pink bracelets. I wore the same shoes as in the previous outfits.

This is a good option because it’s fun, despite the fact that you’re putting together solid color pieces on both the top and bottom.

Whatever you choose to do, match sure the colors are well-matched. Either aim for a tone-on-tone look or go for a color block look with complementary colors.

It transforms a drab t-shirt into something less drab.

Outfit Idea 7 – Dressier Outfit

I know I’ve spoken about a lot of casual outfits in this article, so here’s another way you can dress up those boring t-shirts.

I tucked a novelty top into a pair of flowy black shorts and wore it with a pair of high heels. I add off with a fun bag, a wrap bracelet, a necklace, and my black earrings.

Don’t be afraid to add and match your casual t-shirts with your dressier ensembles.

You might wear a pair of trouser pants, a midi skirt in a solid color or a print, or an accordion pleated skirt. So don’t be afraid to mix and match some of the components.

I want to encourage you to mix and match some of your t-shirts with some of your dressier pieces for a fun summer ensemble.

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