7 Spring Shoes Men Need in 2023

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Spring Shoes Men Need in 2023

This video provides men with tips on the best footwear options for spring.

The presenter recommends the suede Chelsea boot, monochrome running shoes, low-top sneakers, penny loafers, high-top sneakers, and two other shoes.

She also suggests pairing each shoe with appropriate outfits.

The first shoe she recommends is the Chelsea boot, particularly in a stylish suede fabric. She explains that it can be a versatile option for both casual and business casual looks.

The second shoe recommendation is for a stylish monochrome running shoe, which she suggests should be kept subtle in color to avoid clashing with outfits. She recommends pairing them with tapered slim fit joggers.

The video also suggests that men should put some miles on their classic low top sneakers, which are perfect for a light and airy spring wardrobe.

Additionally, she recommends penny loafers in a dark leather color, as they can provide versatility when paired with different items in a wardrobe.

Finally, she suggests elevating the sneaker look with a pair of high top sneakers, which can add character to an outfit and provide a stylish nod to retro fashion.

Overall, the video offers a range of practical and stylish footwear recommendations for men for the spring season.

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