10 BIG Spring 2023 Fashion Trends

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Spring 2023 Fashion Trends

This video discusses 10 of the biggest fashion trends for spring 2023, which include feminine details such as ruffles and sheer fabrics, floral prints that are bigger and more abstract, black as a trending color, and balancing feminine and masculine elements in outfits.

The video begins with an introduction to the “girly fashion” trend, which includes feminine details such as ruffles and soft textures. The host mentions that sheer fabrics are also expected to be popular in 2023. She notes that while feminine dressing is still in style, the trend is to balance outfits with both feminine and masculine elements.

The host discusses the floral trend for Spring 2023. She notes that big, abstract florals will be in style, rather than small, spaced-out florals from previous years.

The host also mentions that black will be a trending color for Spring 2023, with many Spring styles incorporating the color in different fabrics such as crochet or netting.

Other trends discussed in the video include oversized blazers, bright colors, leather accents, and statement jewelry.

The host offers styling tips and suggestions for incorporating these trends into one’s wardrobe. The video concludes with a reminder to wear what makes you feel good and to have fun with fashion.

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