Men’s Slim vs Skinny Jeans (Which Fit Is Better?)

Men's Slim vs Skinny Jeans

Here I’m talking about the difference between slim fit and skinny jeans.

First and foremost, let me explain the difference between slim and skinny jeans.

Slim jeans will sit close to your legs when compared to relaxed fit, bootcut, or loose fit jeans.

They’ll be slim through the thigh and then taper gently below the knees.

To put it another way, the circumference of the jeans at the ankle will be somewhat smaller than the circumference at the knee.

There are some exceptions.

Slim straight jeans will have no taper from the knee to the ankle, while slim tapered jeans will have a more severe taper from the knee to the ankle.

The shape of skinny jeans is similar to that of slim fit jeans, however it is more severe. They’ll have a tighter fit through the thigh and a more pronounced taper below the knee.

In other words, the contrast between the width or size of the leg opening and the width around the knee will be more pronounced.

More of a taper can be seen, and skinny fit jeans will have the smallest leg opening.

In other words, compared to slim fit or slim straight jeans, skinny jeans will have a substantially narrower leg opening.

But here’s the thing:

There are many strong opinions on whether or not guys should wear skinny jeans, but I disagree with many of them for several reasons.

I don’t believe it’s ever appropriate to draw broad generalizations. Guys should not wear skinny jeans, for example. Because the fit of jeans vary so much from one brand to the next.

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The way jeans fit doesn’t have a naming standard. There isn’t a single worldwide regulating agency that says, “If they’re going to be called skinny, they have to fit like this. They have to fit this way if you’re going to call them slim.”

That means it can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

For example, so-called skinny fit jeans from labels such as Wrangler will fit very differently from skinny jeans from brands such as ASOS.

Brands that are more conservative and oriented for the elderly will typically have more relaxed fits. While more fashion-forward companies aimed at a younger demographic will have tighter fitting.

If you ask a 16-year-old who is used to shopping at H&M what they think of Wrangler’s skinny fit jeans, they are unlikely to label them skinny jeans. They’d most likely be referred to as straight fit or even relaxed fit jeans.

That’s why I get annoyed when people say things like “men shouldn’t wear skinny jeans.”

I’m thinking, “So, what exactly are you talking about when you say “skinny jeans”? Are you talking about Wrangler skinny jeans, ASOS skinny jeans, or H&M skinny jeans? They’re all different.”

Another thing to consider is that the way jeans fit is entirely dependent on the individual wearing them.

Skinny jeans will look acceptable on a really skinny individual because they will just appear to be jeans that fit.

When shopping for jeans, for example, if you are 5. 6 feet tall, light for your height, and have thin legs, you will want to seek for what most companies term their skinny fit or slimmest fit, since this will look the best on your physique.

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At least, according to your tastes and what you believe is attractive.

However, if a professional bodybuilder wears the same jeans as you, they will resemble yoga pants, which is not only unattractive but also terribly uncomfortable.

This is all subjective.

The way a pair of jeans fits, no matter what it’s called, is going to be determined by your unique build.

As a result, my suggestion is to avoid shopping the label.

What does it matter what they’re called? They’re called slim, slim tapered, skinny tapered, painted on, and extremely skinny if they’re named skinny fit. There are a million distinct names for the same thing.

Brands are simply attempting to keep up with the competition.

There’s only one reason Wrangler provides a “skinny fit” pair of jeans. It’s because they’re trendy, and they have to offer a skinny fit jean, even if their skinny jean isn’t particularly skinny by the standards of a younger person or a more fashion-forward company.

My recommendation is to ignore the label and how these businesses name their clothes or jeans, and instead focus on how they fit on your body.

If some fashion experts tell you, “Never wear skinny jeans!” or anything similar, disregard them since it doesn’t matter what they’re called.

However, in five years’ time, something else will be fashionable, and jeans will be known by a different name.

It’s all about the fit, not the label.

Okay, people, I hope you found this information useful. I’d love to hear your thoughts on skinny vs. slim jeans, and which is your preference.

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