Sleeveless Pointelle Midi Dress, Figure Hugging

sleeveless pointelle midi dress

This figure-hugging midi dress is a best seller for a reason — we just can’t get enough of its standout silhouette and eye-catching crochet detailing. Colors aqua and black.

pointelle dress

black pointelle dress

A pointelle dress is a type of dress that features a specific knitting or stitching technique called pointelle. Pointelle is characterized by a pattern of small, eyelet-like holes or perforations that are created by intricate and delicate stitches. These tiny openings add texture and visual interest to the fabric, giving it a feminine and delicate look.

Pointelle dresses are often made from lightweight and breathable materials, such as cotton or knit fabrics, making them particularly suitable for warmer weather. The pointelle stitching allows for increased airflow and ventilation, making the dress comfortable and ideal for summer or spring seasons.

The delicate and intricate pointelle pattern gives the dress a romantic and whimsical vibe. The small eyelet-like holes can form various patterns, such as floral motifs, geometric shapes, or intricate designs, adding an element of intricacy and elegance to the dress. The overall effect is a dress that is both feminine and visually appealing.

Pointelle dresses are available in various styles, lengths, and silhouettes. They can range from casual, bohemian-inspired maxi dresses to more formal and structured knee-length or above-the-knee options. The choice of silhouette depends on personal style preferences and the occasion for which the dress is intended.

The versatility of pointelle dresses allows them to be dressed up or down depending on the desired look. They can be paired with sandals or flats for a relaxed and casual outfit, or dressed up with heels and accessories for a more polished and sophisticated appearance. Pointelle dresses can be styled for both daytime and evening events, making them a versatile addition to a wardrobe.

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Overall, a pointelle dress is a charming and feminine garment that showcases delicate stitching and intricate patterns. With its lightweight and breathable fabric, it offers a comfortable and stylish option for warm weather occasions, adding a touch of romance and elegance to any outfit.

pointelle midi dress


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