6 Simple Men’s Winter Outfits

Simple Men's Winter Outfits

Here are a few of my favorite outfits for men to look good during winter.

Outfit 1

First, we have a chic everyday outfit made up of a few incredibly versatile items that look good when combined.

Here, we’re wearing a black turtleneck sweater under a dark brown suede jacket, along with some dark brown chinos and white low top sneakers.

I love a timeless jacket in butter-soft suede. Although suede is more expensive, it has an amazing texture, and, like wool, its thicker composition increases insulation during the colder winter months.

Knit turtlenecks give the outfit an easy-going sexy polish. Choose a mock neck style, which is similar to a turtleneck but covers a little less of your neck, if you have a shorter neck. You don’t want your turtleneck to come all the way up to your chin, so adjust it accordingly.

This outfit demonstrates the fact that brown chinos and white sneakers are wardrobe items that look just as good in the winter as they do in the spring and summer.

Outfit 2

Next, we’re keeping it casual with a look made entirely of black, including an overcoat, a hooded sweatshirt, trousers, and some classic white canvas sneakers.

Remember that you’ll always be removing off your overcoat while you’re inside when wearing one. Consequently, you should always be wearing something fashionable underneath, and this particular outfit looks great both with and without the coat.

This overall look has a casual yet polished vibe, making it versatile enough to be replicated in any color. Black is a traditional winter color, but it would also look very good in all camel or all gray.

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What’s great about this outfit is that you can add a pop of color to the whole ensemble by just switching out the hoodie for one in a contrasting color.

You are free to choose your pants, but if you wanted something that complemented the hoodie’s more athletic look, I would suggest going with the joggers. Alternatively, if you wanted a dressier appearance, you might wear black jeans.

Outfit 3

The puffer jacket is included in the next outfit. How to make a puffer jacket look good is one of the most often requested questions I receive about winter fashion for men.

The key is to put together an outfit that looks good both with and without the jacket, just like you would with your overcoat. Puffers are a simply practical item that you’ll always be removing off as soon as you enter the building.

Here, a white Oxford button-down shirt and a cream puffer jacket are worn under a navy sweater, chinos, and boots.

Winter clothing doesn’t always have to be dark in color, contrary to popular belief. We can choose a lighter puffer by keeping the base of the outfit dark and neutral, creating a look that is equally fashionable and cozy.

Your outfit should work independently of the jacket. Layering a white button-down shirt under a black or navy sweater is one of my favorite fashion tricks, which we’re putting into practice here.

I love the clever use of layers and the way the white of the shirt, which is visible poking out at the collar and waistline, counterbalances the dark color of the sweater.

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Outfit 4

My next winter outfit combines several key seasonal items to produce a stunning business casual look.

Here, we’re wearing a dapper olive overcoat with a cream knit turtleneck underneath, navy chinos, and black dress shoes.

Many men believe that wearing winter clothing requires them to dress completely in Batman. This outfit, however, demonstrates that you can incorporate some brighter, lighter colors. I love how the lighter pants and shoes contrast with the color of the overcoat and turtleneck.

Due to the neutral adaptability of the clothing worn underneath, this particular look would still be effective if the coat were to be removed.


Outfit 5

With a blue pea coat, a navy turtleneck, chic gray trousers, and a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots, our next outfit is dark and sexy.

In addition to being classic, pea coats look good on all men, regardless of their age or body shape, which is why I love them.

However, if you wanted a more casual vibe, you could always opt for dark wash jeans instead of the gray wool pants in this look.

If I could change anything about this particular outfit, I would choose a pair of dark brown or black Chelsea boots to replace the light brown ones. The reason for this is that these tones not only look better in the winter, but they also blend in better with your darker winter hues, giving your outfit a sharper overall appearance.

Outfit 6

We’re wearing a traditional denim trucker under a charcoal overcoat and layering it over a white crew neck T-shirt, black trousers, and brown suede Chelsea boots.

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In order to avoid experiencing the impacts of the cold weather, winter style is all about layering the appropriate items.

However, once you enter the building, you will need to be able to shed those outer garments in order to remove yourself from being too hot.

This outfit serves as an excellent example of how to do this. Here, we are adhering to the two key layering principles.

We are starting with the lightest fabric and working our way up to the thickest fabric, from a t-shirt to a trucker jacket to an overcoat.

Second, for our base layer, we are starting with the lightest hue and then adding darker shades.

To have some extra warmth, you can just swap the T-shirt for a crewneck sweater.

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