Wearable Shoe Trends For Spring 2023, Women

Wearable Shoe Trends For Spring 2023, Women

In this video, the host, Leonie, discusses the latest shoe trends for Spring 2023. She starts by mentioning that she won’t be talking about the outrageous cartoon-esque Astro Boy type boots that have been trending on the internet lately, but rather wearable footwear trends that are suitable for everyone.

Leonie discusses three main trends. The first trend is a hybrid shoe that combines a hiking-style boot with a sneaker. These boots are waterproof, comfortable, and hard-wearing, and they have a modern, cool look that can take you from outdoor adventures to a catch-up with friends.

The second trend is wedge heels, which are more comfortable and practical than spindly stilettos. Leonie mentions that designers such as Fendi and Bottega have featured these heels, and they will be a popular trend in the coming year.

The third trend is sparkly shoes, which range from rhinestone-encrusted booties to pumps with a sparkly bow detail. Leonie thinks that sparkly shoes are a great way to add a bit of bling and excitement to an outfit, and they can be dressed up or down.

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