Self Heating Coffee Mug

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Self Heating Coffee Mug

Imagine a world where your morning coffee stays at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop, even during the most hectic mornings or marathon work sessions.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, that world is now a reality with the introduction of the self-heating coffee mug.

This ingenious invention is changing the way we enjoy our favorite brews, offering a solution to the age-old struggle of lukewarm, forgotten coffee.

They’ve become a game-changer for coffee lovers and busy professionals alike.

Ui Self-Heating Ceramic Mug

Self Heating Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is a revolutionary self-heating mug system that maintains your coffee & tea at the perfect drinking temperature. Not only this, its charging pad can also wirelessly charge your cell phone.

The charging pad of the base works as an induction burner and heats up the metallic particles in the base of the mug.

The charging pad will heat up while maintaining the temperature of the liquid in the mug at around 130F.

Electric Heating Mug


  • Keep your hot beverages at a steady 130°F when the mug is on the coaster.
  • Bone ceramic mug holds 12 fl. oz.
  • Includes heat-retaining ceramic lid when you need to take the mug away from the coaster.
  • Coaster powered by USB port and included standard plug-in power adapter.
  • The coaster is spill-resistant so no need to worry about any spills.
  • Coaster doubles as a wireless charger for smartphones.
  • Turns off automatically if you don’t pick up the mug for an hour.

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