5 Rules For Retinol Skincare Routine

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Retinol Skincare Routine

In this video, Dr. Shereene Idriss talks about incorporating retinol into a skincare routine.

She introduce the topic of retinoids, which are a class of vitamin A that help the skin renew itself and look better as we age.

She then goes on to list her five golden rules for incorporating retinol into a skincare routine.

The first rule is to go low and go slow, meaning that it’s not just about the percentage of retinol, but also the type of retinoid that you’re incorporating. She explains that there are different types of retinoids, starting from the lightest (retinol esters) to the most effective (tretinoin or prescription). She suggests starting with a low concentration of retinol and slowly increasing frequency and concentration over time.

The second rule is to always use retinol at night, as it can increase sun sensitivity and cause irritation when exposed to sunlight.

The third rule is to use retinol on dry skin to minimize irritation, and to wait for at least 20 minutes after washing the face to apply it.

The fourth rule is to layer retinol correctly in a skincare routine, after cleansing and toning but before applying any heavier products like moisturizers. She also suggests waiting a few minutes after applying retinol before applying any other products.

Finally, the fifth rule is to be patient and consistent with retinol use, as it takes time for the skin to adjust and for results to show. She emphasizes the importance of using sunscreen during the day to protect the skin and prevent further damage.

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Throughout the video, Dr. Idriss provides detailed explanations and examples to help viewers better understand the topic of retinol and how to incorporate it into their skincare routine effectively.

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