Are You a Poorly Dressed Man? (6 Signs)

Poorly Dressed Man

Whenever I get outside, I usually come across guys that are well-groomed, put together, and who radiate a sense of confidence.

Unfortunately, I frequently come across men who are poorly dressed. Either they are unaware of their awful fashion sense or, even worse, they don’t give a damn about what others may think.

Actually, “not caring” doesn’t exist. Each of us is sending a message by how we dress. Nothing is more ironic than trying to show people how little you care.

These individuals’ poor attire is obvious. They give certain stories that instantly identify them.

I’m going to reveal those signs in this article so that you can make sure you’re not making any of these common mistakes in your own dressing.

Congratulations if you’re thinking, “I don’t make any of these mistakes.” You’re most likely one of the guys in the room with the nicest wardrobe.

Let’s begin with the most obvious sign of a poorly dressed male.

Poor Fit

Wearing clothes that don’t fit their bodies is the most common fashion error made by both men and women.

I want to be clear that I’m not telling you have to wear in fitted clothing. Slim fit is not the same as proper fit.

On some body shapes, clothing with a looser, more relaxed fit can fit well and have flattering silhouettes. perhaps even more attractive than fitted clothing

It’s absolutely wrong when your sleeves or your pants are way long. It’s wrong if your suit jacket is too snug. Additionally, it’s not attractive if your necktie extends significantly past your waistband.

The good news is that a bad fit is very easy to fix. Simply bring your clothing to the tailor who will fix it for you.

Compared to buying new clothes, this is really less expensive and wasteful. So I suggest looking into that if you don’t already have a trusted tailor you go to frequently.

Numerous Visible Logos

The presence of several visible logos is the second indicator of a poorly dressed man.

Visible logos are actually kind of strange when you think about it. While purchasing a product from a brand, people give that brand free advertisement as they walk around.

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

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Shouldn’t a company pay you to wear their garment around if they’re going to put their logo on it?

I got it. People like to be associated with cool things, which is why some brands are cool. Many times, people are merely trying to claim that they can afford that pricey item.

Designer logos are typically only a sign of significant credit card debt, in actuality.

But really, there is nothing wrong about this subtly displaying wealth. Pretty everyone participates in it.

Anyone who claims to wear a Rolex only for the heritage is definitely not being completely honest with themselves.

Unobtrusive logos are quite acceptable. But sometimes it goes too far and completely backfires.

Wearing two to three distinct logos, particularly designer ones, gives off the impression that you are trying way too hard.

I advise staying away from wearing logos altogether, but if you must, choose one elegant logo to wear. Don’t be a billboard, though.

Too Many Colors

Too much color is the third sign. It is not easy to put together an ensemble that is visually appealing and cohesive when you are using a wide variety of colors.

Since most people who attempt it fail miserably, it requires a creative eye and a lot of trial and error.

It’s uncommon to see someone wearing more than two or three colors in a way that genuinely works.

It’s usually bad fashion to mix and match several colors at once. It’s possible to make a mistake by wearing even one or two extremely bright colors. In particular for guys who have really fair complexion, as it completely highlights any flaws they may have.

The majority of truly stylish men that I observe in real life or on social media only wear one or two colors.

Their wardrobe is primarily made up of neutral colors. Many well-dressed men just stick to wearing neutral tones. On occasion, they’ll add a minor accent with an accessory.

But if all you have are black, white, gray, brown, olive, navy blue, and cream, you can get a long way. These are at the very least excellent as a base to one bolder color.

My recommendation is that you limit yourself to one or two colors for each outfit, and keep the remainder of your ensemble neutral.

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Mismatched Formality

Mismatched formality is the fourth warning sign. Nowadays, breaking fashion norms is acceptable, and there are usually no strict dress codes.

Sneakers, for instance, can look good with a suit if they are worn properly. A more casual attire can work good with a dressier watch.

But in general, you want your attire to have a cohesive formality. Black tie, business casual, or casual.

Men combining formalities unintentionally is a mistake I frequently witness.

For instance, I occasionally see guys wearing boat shoes with suits or business casual attire. This is a poor choice.

Although boat shoes may look like loafers, they are not. They are a very informal look of shoe, and they completely sabotage a professional or business-casual ensemble.

Another illustration is wearing a suit and a backpack. Just a mismatch, really. Carrying a briefcase or messenger bag is considerably preferable. even a thin portfolio that you can store your laptop and papers in.

The best course of action is to try to avoid these formality incongruities unless you’re intentionally making a statement, like when you wear sneakers with a suit.

Excessively Trendy Outfits

The fifth warning sign is wearing clothing that is too trendy. Trends are not inherently wrong. Almost everything that somebody is wearing was once in trend.

A wonderful way to revitalize your wardrobe is to try out new trends, buy one or two pieces, and evaluate how they work on you.

However, you never want to look as though you just bought everything on the mannequin when you exit an H&M. This gives the impression that all you’re doing is trying so hard to look in and be hip and cool.

It serves as a kind of covert sign that I don’t really have a strong sense of personal style. I simply follow the advice of these brands when it comes to my clothing.

Practically speaking, closely following trends will almost certainly require you to update your wardrobe every couple of years.

The most fashionable men I know tend to invest in high-quality versions of items they know they’ll use frequently. That they will wear for a period of five to ten years.

For me, that means things like slim straight chinos, dark blue jeans, casual button-up shirts, wool overcoats, brown leather boots, and white leather sneakers.

These will outlast everything now in trend because of how long they will survive.

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Virtually Nil Effort

Sixth and last warning sign: putting no effort. We’ve talked a little bit about trying too hard, but in all honesty, I believe that trying too hard is preferable to not trying at all. An effort is not bad.

It can indeed go too far. You may look excessively polished, your suit may be too precisely fitted, and you may be wearing ten different accessories. You might look to be trying a little bit too hard.

You can come out as overly concerned with your appearance. Narcissism is a turnoff because people are very sensitive to it.

I would contend that’s preferable to coming out as completely careless. The typical response from a woman when you ask what she wants a man to wear on a first date is, “I simply want him to look like he tried.”

I see a lot of guys these days who obviously put their comfort before everything else. Men dressed in baggy cargo shorts, oversized graphic t-shirts, and running shoes who aren’t actually jogging.

I saw guys wearing lounge pants and slides at the grocery store and the airport. They appear to have just rolled out of bed and begun their day.

Putting pride in your appearance is a way of showing care for other people’s feelings, just like using excellent manners or any other sort of etiquette. It makes it easier for you to get along with people and acts as a social lubricant, especially with total strangers. And who is evaluating you solely based on your appearance.

Keep in mind that your clothes are always at work. They are continually working, whether it is for you or against you.



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