Non Surgical Facelift With ELLACOR, Before and After

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In this video, Dr. Stefani Kappel, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, is discussing Elacor, a new microcoring technology that tightens skin and removes columns or microcores of the skin to achieve a scarless facelift.

The device is revolutionary and has been FDA cleared for skin tightening of the lower face.

Dr. Kappel participated in the clinical trials for the device and attended a meeting of world-renowned laser specialists and cosmetic dermatologists who had positive feedback for the device.

The device contains hollow needles that excise small pieces of skin in a controlled, scarless fashion, removing the same amount of skin that would be removed during a facelift.

Dr. Kappel emphasizes that the device is not a facelift, and patients should be clear on the differences between the two procedures.

This next video is also about a new non-surgical facelift procedure called Ellacor Microcoring.

The procedure involves using a device with three hollow needles to remove a percentage of facial skin in micro cores, which then grows back like a fractional laser.

The percentage of skin removed and the depth of the procedure can be adjusted to suit the patient’s needs. The procedure is focused on the lower face and can be done in multiple sessions to achieve the desired result.

The video also discusses potential issues with the procedure, including pain during the treatment, the need for multiple sessions, and the fact that the procedure does not target fat.

The video compares this procedure to other facelift procedures, such as CO2 laser and RF microneedling, and suggests that Ellacor Microcoring may be a good option for people with loose skin but not for those with a lot of fat or laxity.

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The video also mentions that the procedure can be a bit bloody and may result in hematomas or collections of blood, so patients should be aware of this. Overall, the video provides an overview of the procedure and discusses its potential benefits and drawbacks.

Non Surgical Facelift ELLACOR Before and After

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