Perfect Morning Skin Care Routine Steps

Morning Skin Care Routine Steps

In this video, Dr. Rajani shares morning skincare routine that he teaches to his patients in his clinic for glowing skin. He uses products from his own skincare line, but notes that viewers can still benefit from his routine by comparing ingredients and following similar steps with their own skincare products.

Dr. Rajani emphasizes the importance of maintaining the skin barrier function by using gentle, non-irritating products for cleansing. He also suggests keeping bedsheets and pillows clean to minimize the work of the cleanser.

The second step in his routine is applying hyaluronic acid, which helps keep the skin plump and smooth, reduces the signs of aging, improves elasticity, and hydrates the skin. Dr. Rajani also adds a special peptide called Agiline to his hyaluronic acid, which he claims is a substitute for Botox injections that works in a similar way to inhibit facial muscle contractions for a subtle, natural-looking effect.

The third step in his routine is applying vitamin C, which Dr. Rajani notes is one of the most studied skincare products on earth. He formulates his vitamin C serum to brighten, soothe, and hydrate the skin and replenish it with antioxidant-rich extracts like organic cranberry, raspberry, and blueberry. He also adds oils like rosehip seed oil and organic sunflower seed oil for a silky soft texture and finish.

Dr. Rajani notes that if viewers wanted to stop at this step, they could as it has a moisturizing effect. However, for sun exposure, he recommends applying sunscreen after this step and before the final step, which is applying her ultra-moisture cream.

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This cream is nourishing, but not greasy or heavy, and can be used under the eyes and on the face, neck, and other areas for ultimate hydration. Dr. Rajani notes that younger people or those with less skin damage can use this cream as a finishing cream before applying makeup, as it instantly removes fine lines and is often referred to as the ultimate glass skin finishing cream.

Throughout the video, Dr. Rajani emphasizes that his routine is based on real-world experience and real-life results, which he measures through 3D imaging with his patients in his clinic.

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