5 Men’s Shoes Women Love & 5 They Hate

Men's Shoes Women Love

I’m talking about the men’s shoes that women love here.

But I’ll also discuss shoes that women don’t like seeing on men.

You could believe that some of the shoes you love are going to be on the first list, but they aren’t.

Let’s first talk about shoes women love on men.

5 Shoes Women Love on Men

Casual Leather Sneakers

Sneakers made of casual white leather are number five on the list. Of course, there are other colors as well, like gray, navy, or black.

Even though they have a simple, clean style and a sneaker design, they’re wonderful because you can wear them with both formal and semi-formal attire in addition to your casual attire.

They function incredibly well with slightly more elegant attire. Both are extremely pleasant and casual.

The thing about leather is that it’s incredibly supple, sexy, and smooth. It’s elevating you. If you wear a well-fitting t-shirt and jeans with the casual leather sneaker, it elevates the outfit actually a little bit.

I’ve seen that women really like it. There is coolness that is understated. And that a man knows what he’s doing when he’s doing that.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are the next. Women enjoy spotting men wearing penny loafers.

They don’t care if you wear it with a polo shirt and jeans or even a t-shirt and a pair of chinos.

A pair of penny loafers has a very sophisticated and sexy appeal. It simply gives your outfit an instant air of formality and adds something luxurious.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are third on the list. Suede or leather doesn’t matter. You can dress them up or down.

I used to have a love-hate relationship with them, but over the past year, I’ve definitely changed my mind and now I genuinely love them.

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They have a very slick and sexy quality. As long as you always wear tapered pants with these. You must have tapered pants, regardless of the style.

You must consider your body type.  There are certain body types that can’t look good in tapered pants. They might not be for you if you are a heavier gentleman.

Classic Lace-up Dress Shoes

Classic lace-up dress shoes, whether Oxfords or Derbies, in black or brown, rank second on the list.

Women love a man in a suit. It’s lingerie for women. A man wearing a suit will most likely wear dress shoes. The sight of a man who has taken the time to dress well is something that exudes masculinity and attractiveness.

Every man who is wearing a suit, especially one that is well-fitted, and a great pair of dress shoes instantly feels more confident, which is quite attractive to women.

Lace-up Boots

Lace-up boots are the last and final style that women love.

There is something so delicious and rugged, but still put together, about a pair of lace-up boots, whether they are casual or dress boots, suede or leather.

Lace-up boots are acceptable for any men to wear. That is one of the many wonderful things about them.

Dress it up or down depending on whether you choose a dressy or casual look.

Sleekness coexists with sturdiness, and the combination of the two is fantastic.

5 Men’s Shoes Women Don’t Love

I’ve emphasized numerous times how crucial it is to regularly organize your wardrobe, purge your closet, and get rid of any old or out-of-date style that may still be there.

That is what you do with your clothing. You have to do the same thing with your shoes as well.

They’re a really crucial component of your entire outfit. If you have an out-of-date shoe or a shoe that has seen better days, you know it’s just going to ruin it.

Let’s talk the shoe designs that women hate.

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Square Toed Dress Shoes

Dress boots and shoes with square toes come in at number five.

They remain on this list because they have recently become more popular and I have seen them everywhere, even square-toed dress boots like Chelsea boots.

I believe it’s because old trends are always going to come back and this is like a 90s coming back.

The square-toed dress shoe is the choice of all the cool and fashionable young people. Even some very fashionable and forward-wearing actors wear them.

However, it still doesn’t look good at all!

If you have any square-toed footwear or are considering joining the bandwagon, please don’t. It is a waste of money and will never look good, I’m telling you. It doesn’t care to me how you style it.

Back in the day, I wore square toe dress shoes and thought they were the nicest thing ever because it was the 1990s. They were cool back then.

But as I look at photos today, I wonder what I was thinking.

White Loafers

White loafers or loafers with contrast stitching come in second.

There’s something about it that looks like you are trying to dress well, but it’s like you can’t put your finger on it. Simply put, it appears to be very dated.

The appearance of those loafers or those color combinations has a tacky vibe to them.

Because of this, I usually advise people who are considering buying a loafer to check that the stitching, even with dress shoes or any other kind of shoe, is as close to the same color as the shoe overall as possible.

Flip Flops

Flip-flops are the third style that irritates women. No matter how often you get a pedicure, no man’s feet ever look attractive.

Women don’t want to look at men’s feet.

You people have hair on your toes, occasionally have problems with your toenails, have dry feet, whatever.

Despite what you may think, women will never find your feet attractive.

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You shouldn’t own flip-flops unless you’re going to the beach or a pool, unless there’s a good purpose for wearing them, because they slip off and on extremely easily, and because you won’t be wearing them all day.

You are not permitted to wear around in flip-flops just because it is warm outside.

Chunky Basketball Sneakers

The second item on the list is a pair of clunky basketball or gym sneakers. They’re not the like fashion ones.

They have an extremely high top and are designed in an odd way; yet, there is no particular design to them; rather, they merely look strange.

And then you notice that they are wearing them with shorts or khaki pants and you think, “Oh man.”

I’m talking about sneakers that are actually just appropriate for the gym. In daily life, you shouldn’t be wearing them.


Slides are the most despised shoe style among women.

Slides are sandals that you simply slide your feet into.

More men than ever before, in my observation, are wearing slides and slides with socks. It boggles my mind guys.

I don’t care if you’re into the hype. Don’t do that, please. It’s so messy and disgusting.

You ought to take pride in how you look and what you wear; adopting a sloppily gross attitude is not what you ought to be doing.

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