20 Men’s Fashion Color Combos

Men's Fashion Color Combos

When it comes to good style, color selection is definitely the most challenging aspect.

Even if the individual elements of an outfit are solid, the improper color combinations will ruin the look.

Color is ambiguous. There are so many options available. There are literally limitless combinations.

I’m going to provide you a list of examples of real color combinations that you can wear right now.

You probably already own a lot of these colors. Just make sure you put them together properly.

These combinations suit any body type, skin tone, height, and weight.

I really hope that you come up with some fresh concepts.

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One popular color combination that is not included on this list is, in my opinion, greatly overrated. But we’ll talk more about that later.


The most common color for clothing is blue, so let’s start there.

Blue & Blue

Blue and blue are the first combo.

Although monochromatic color schemes are not always the easiest to pull, this one is easy.

The key in this situation is to have adequate contrast with shade. For instance, light blue and dark blue or medium blue and dark blue.

A light blue Oxford shirt and dark wash pants come to mind. This still looks good today as it did 20 years ago.

Blue & Gray

Gray and blue come next. You undoubtedly have this solid, very easy-to-wear combo in your closet.

Consider wearing casual button-up shirt and light wash jeans with a gray crewneck t-shirt. If the gray has any texture, that’s great.

Blue & Green

Another solid combo is blue and green. These colors are analogous, which means they are close relatives on the color wheel. They are quite easy to combine.

This is a natural color, reminiscent of the forest and the ocean. Color combinations are not messed up by nature. It’s probably a good color combo to wear if you see it in the wild.

This also works great with darker, more saturated hues like navy, forest, or emerald green.

Lighter colors like olive and sky blue complement it well.

Light Blue & Tan

Speaking of light blue, consider combining it with khaki or tan for a timeless, understated color scheme.

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If you consider wearing khaki pants and a light blue dress shirt, you can dress this up. You can dress it down while maintaining a classic business casual look.

Additionally, chino shorts and a polo or light blue tee.

Blue & Brown

Brown works incredibly nicely with a darker blue. A particularly attractive combo is dark brown and navy.

It’s sophisticated, slimming, and warmer than wearing black and charcoal.

This works good with a sweater worn over a button-up shirt with casual attire like chinos or corduroys. A three-piece suit with a wool top coat is another option for a dressier look.

Navy & Burgundy

Burgundy, maroon, or merlot, along with navy. Really any color of darker red.

Blue complements other colors effectively. Blue and red are complementary, while blue and green are analogous.

On the color wheel, these colors are on the opposing sides. For instance, blue and a dark red color, such as burgundy. It’s timeless and ideal for the fall and winter.

Blue & Burnt Orange

Similar to blue and burgundy, the key here is to avoid going overboard with the orange. We’re not talking about traffic cone orange here. We’re talking a deep burnt orange. It reminds me of how the leaves change in the fall.

These dark reds and oranges are good choices if you want to add additional color to your attire. They genuinely look good on a variety of skin tones.


Let’s discuss color combinations using green, one of my personal favorites.

Green & Brown

This earthy combination looks great with deeper or more subdued colors.

Using dark olive waxed field jacket and rich brown corduroy pants as an illustration. That combo is lovely. Tan chinos and a green flannel button-down shirt are on the lighter side.

These two hues complement blue quite well. Green and brown look good together, and so do blue pants, a blue shirt, or a blue jacket.

Green & Gray

Another sophisticated color combination that is uncommon is this one.

It’s a good method to stand out without shouting “Look at Me!” Like brown, gray complements nearly every shade of blue.

You can very easily add blue into your look if you are wearing some green and gray someplace in your outfit.

Green & Pink

This is a clever approach to make use of complementary colors to your benefit. The easiest way to pull this is to keep both colors muted and unsaturated. Olive and a pale, washed-out pink, for instance. This looks good, particularly in the spring and summer.

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Although you can work the darker, more saturated shades of green and pink, they will work best on people with darker skin tones.


Let’s go over various combinations with black as the foundation color.

Black & Gray

This is an example of a traditional grayscale monochrome color pallet.

For example, a gray t-shirt with black pants or black sneakers might be worn casually. But if you start wearing sophisticated casual and formal wear, it really shines.

Consider a black turtleneck or shirt with a gray suit. A very sharp look. Compared to the traditional black suit and white shirt, it is significantly more tougher.

By the way, avoid trying to do the opposite. Avoid trying to pair a gray shirt with a black suit. Nobody has ever looked good in this.

Black & Dark Green

We discussed combining gray and green. But black also works great.

Black and dark green go great together. You don’t see many guys wearing this refined yet nonetheless edgy combination.

If you frequently wear black pants, consider wearing a dark green shirt occasionally.

Black & Burgundy

Similarly, darker red hues go well with black. Really dark, like black and burgundy, is what I mean.

Wearing black and a bright red color is not recommended. However, a particularly elegant combo is black and a deep, dark burgundy.

Instead of the standard black suit, try wearing a burgundy suit with a black tie and black shoes to make a statement at a formal occasion.

Gray & Purple

This is the business-casual variation of the light blue and khaki uniform. With things like pants and button-up shirts, it works great.

Wear a purple shirt with light or medium gray slacks to look good. You don’t want to wear anything too rich or dark.

The wonderful thing about this is that you can pair black shoes, burgundy shoes, or even lighter brown shoes, with it.

Charcoal & Navy

Speaking about business wear, charcoal and navy work great together.

For instance, white shirt and navy sweater over charcoal wool dress pants.

That is a timeless office look for the fall and winter that will always look put together and refined.

Instead of the sweater, you might wear a navy jacket for a somewhat more formal look. If you have a major meeting, you might even add a necktie.

Wear these colors with burgundy or black shoes. Wear them with chocolate or midnight brown leather loafers for a very sharp look.

Earth Tones

Let’s now take a look at some earthy color combinations that incorporate brown hues like tan, off-white, and cream.

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Any shade of white, including off-white, cream, beige, and even khaki, is what I mean when I say “white.”

Tan & White

An ensemble for summer business casual that you can never go wrong is white with tan or khaki. Consider pairing a white polo or button-up shirt with a pair of tan cotton dress pants.

You might wear a very light blue instead of white to achieve the same result, but it would look better on some skin tones because there will be less contrast.

Tan & Yellow

Instead of wearing white, you may wear pale yellow. Any shade of brown, including tan or khaki, works nicely with yellow because it is such a warm color.

If you have a darker or warmer skin tone, more intense yellows look great with darker browns.

You should certainly steer clear of saturated bright yellow if you have lighter skin or a fairer complexion.

Tan & Pink

In a similar vein, shorts and slacks in white, cream, or tan look great with a pale pink shirt that has been washed out.

Pink and tan make a solid color combination. I believe that anyone is capable of pulling it off.

You might wear any shade of brown for your shoes. With this combo, it will look good. Additionally, you might go with complimentary colors like blue or olive.

Off White & Brown

It has a really sophisticated look. It makes you look expensive, as if you truly know what you’re doing, even if you don’t.

Pure, bright white pants can initially seem daunting. If you want to try this combo out, start by purchasing some light beige or off-white pants, then match them with a tan shirt, brown shoes, and any jacket you choose.

Brown & Burgundy

It’s a very cozy and welcoming combination that works well with casual and smart-casual attire, especially in the fall.

Consider wearing heavy maroon sweater, brown leather boots, and thick wool socks with brown corduroys.

Alternatively, put on a burgundy polo, shoes, and tobacco chinos.

Overrated Combo

Have you noticed the combo I left out? You are right if you guessed black and white.

Black is one of the most overrated colors in menswear, in my opinion.

Contrary to popular perception, not everything looks good with black. A extremely high contrast color combination results when you combine it with white.

It truly doesn’t work for all skin tones and body types.


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