Worst Men’s Fashion Accessories

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Men's Fashion Accessories

I recently published an article about common fashion items that I frequently observe men handling incorrectly.

But I’m going to concentrate on men’s fashion accessories in this article.


I’ve mentioned it before, but I think every guy needs at least one high-quality watch. But a lot of guys out there tend to confuse big with quality.

A big watch simply exudes insecurity, which can be a major warning sign for women.

I mean, while you’re at it, you might as well choose a wall clock and start wearing it around your neck.

Choose a traditional design that gently expresses your personality, but avoid going overboard with cartoonish design features.

I’ll be honest: I’m not a fan of smart watches. To me, they simply don’t have the classic, ageless look of a watch. They can seriously ruin an otherwise flawless outfit.


The belt is the next essential accessory that every guy needs yet that so many people get incorrectly.

I am aware of what is going through your mind. How can I possibly wear a belt incorrectly. The most frequent mistake I observe guys making is choosing an overly gaudy or eye-catching design.

Accessories should enhance your appearance rather than call attention to any one particular part of your body.

Any additional items you choose to pair with it will be completely overshadowed if you choose a garish pattern or tacky fabric, such as snakeskin.

Instead, use a traditional full-grain leather dress or casual belt depending on your outfit.

Before you ask about buckles, you should just avoid them altogether; this is especially the case if they are big, square, monogrammed, or if they may also be used as a bottle opener.


Chains or necklaces are the next most popular type of jewelry for men, and many of them are going for the “more is more” philosophy when it comes to accessorizing their appearance with this type of jewelry.

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When guys rock a chain, they are sending a message, and if yours is big enough to attach a bike to a light post, then the message you are conveying is probably not very positive.

Please choose a super slim version that can fit beneath your shirt if you truly want to wear one.

Additionally, and this should go without saying, stay away from cliched or out-of-date designs like pendants with excessive beadwork or puka shell or shark tooth decorations.


Let’s talk about the next item on my list, earrings or pretty much any face piercing, since we’re talking about jewelry.

When I see a gorgeous guy with an earring or a nose ring, I don’t think it’s because of the piercing; I just think it’s because he’s naturally attractive.

In truth, these face staples are frequently just super distracting and ought to be left in high school.


The next accessory is something you really shouldn’t be playing around with: your sunglasses.

Sunglasses trends are cyclical, just like many of the items on this list. When it comes to this, sticking to the tried-and-true items will ensure success.

Let’s face it.

Wayfarers, Aviators, and Club Masters, but not Oakleys, are iconic for a specific reason. You can maintain your stylish appearance for years, if not decades, if you buy the appropriate pair.

Pattern frames, mirrored lenses, and cheap plastic designs, on the other hand, can never really be called to be fashionable outside of themed bachelor parties.

Follow these fundamental rules instead. Stick to tortoise shell or black as far as color is concerned. Choose a frame that enhances the contours of your face. Additionally, you should never wear sunglasses indoors or at night unless you are blind. This style isn’t as cool as you might assume.

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We must talk about your hat selection while we’re on the subject of maintaining a nice appearance.

There are more than a dozen different styles of hats, but that does not mean you can choose whatever one appeals to you.

A hat is not now and never will be a replacement for a personality, much like the other items on this list.

The issue with a lot of the hats I see guys wearing these days is that so many of them are simply very outdated.

During the colder months, regular beanies are OK, but those baggy versions look like they came from a mid-2000s MTV reality show.

Don’t wear a bucket hat, too, please. You merely have a fisherman’s appearance. Straw-made hats should never be worn. In addition to this, you should avoid wearing any fedoras, safari flaps, or fedoras that have safari flaps.

You probably already guessed that less is usually more when it comes to headgear. If in doubt, stick a traditional baseball cap. Ideally without any slogans or logos on it.


We must definitely talk about those bracelets. There are so many guys who are still sporting bracelets that they really ought to have left in their lockers at school.

I’m referring to rubber bracelets with dumb slogans and layered beaded bracelets.

I am unquestionably referring to the leather cuffs that you believe give you a bad guy appearance.

If you do decide to wear something on your wrist that isn’t a watch, I usually like to recommend a plain, simple metal cuff. If you choose one with a modest design, it may add a really stylish touch to your clothes.

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The next item on my list is rings, so please use caution when wearing them.

Ornate or garish rings might be super off-putting for ladies, just like your bracelets.

If you want to try to pull one off, there are some guidelines you must follow.

First off, stick with silver because it has a much more refined aesthetic and avoid gold unless it’s a wedding band.

Second, avoid wearing rings on your pinky and stick to your middle or ring fingers. Also, never wear thumb rings.

Finally, you should only wear one ring on each hand because anything more makes you look to be trying way too hard.


Your wallet is unquestionably the accessory that sets men apart from boys.

Colorful patterns, cartoon figures, band logos, and velcro are all things you should absolutely stay away from.

Choose a traditional leather wallet rather than one that resembles a small couch.

If in doubt, pick a slim, simple option, such as a bi-fold or a card case, as this will fit comfortably in your front pocket without adding an unattractive bulge.

worst Men's Fashion Accessories

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