5 Great Men’s Fall Outerwear Pieces

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Men's Fall Outerwear

The ability to wear something acceptable in any circumstance is the most crucial thing of establishing a fall outerwear collection.

It goes without saying that staying warm is your top priority.

If you just have a coat for your formal attire, it won’t look good if you try to wear it with anything more casual.

If you only have a casual coat, it will not look appropriate if you are dressed more formally.

Because of this, having options is what you actually want. Options that will work for a variety of looks, from casual to dressed-up and everything in between.

I’ve put together five pieces that, in my opinion, make up the capsule wardrobe of fall outerwear.

I’ll describe them to you and explain how to style them.

Let’s look at my picks for the top five fall outerwear pieces.

Classic Mackintosh

The first item is a lightweight Macintosh, an everlasting classic.

The best thing about a Mac is how simple and uncomplicated it is, which is what makes it so simple to style.

The majority have a front zip with snap closures, which gives them a fairly polished look. There are one or two inner pockets and two exterior pockets.

Your work casual wardrobe should include a lightweight Mac as well as more formal office clothes.

A striped shirt, navy cotton pants, brown Derby shoes, a belt, and a watch on the wrist make up a very basic work casual outfit. Almost as simple and classic as you can get.

I always feel that business casual attire should have a bit of sportiness to it.

Adding some pattern is an easy method to do it. It might be a striped shirt, which in addition to being sporty, makes the solid coat and trousers stand out more visually.

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We can dress this look up a bit further and smarten it up with a few minor adjustments.

Initially, add a striped tie. You are able to pair patterns that are similar as long as the scale of the patterns is distinct from one another.

Wearing a sport coat with a little houndstooth or puppy tooth design is the second option.

Thirdly, switching the Derbies for a pair of Oxfords.

With just a few minor adjustments, we seamlessly transition from business casual to something a little more formal.

The Mac is the ideal final touch, even though this look is more dressed-up.

Quilted Vest

The next piece is a quilted vest, which is one of my favorite fall outerwear pieces.

Although it is lightweight, it will keep you warm. Because it works so well as a layering piece in addition to being a great independent piece of outerwear, it isn’t overly thick, which is exactly what you want.

These pieces are versatile enough to be moved throughout your wardrobe and can completely alter the look of an ensemble.

The foundation I used for the previous two looks will serve as my starting point. Therefore, a striped shirt and navy cotton pants are worn with a different pair of shoes—suede penny loafers—and a belt to go with them.

I layer the vest over it to get another timeless, slightly sporty look.

The majority of the elements are very monochrome, but there are a few tiny additions that add the image some personality.

The shirt’s stripe is the most noticeable, but the quilting in the jacket and the suede on the loafers also add texture.

I indicated that a vest is a great layering piece, and we’re going to layer it up and smarten it up with the addition of the Mac and the tie.

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These first two outerwear pieces can work together in addition to being incredibly adaptable separately, as evidenced by this particular look.

Despite the fact that this is a more professional-looking outfit, I enjoy how the layered vest lends a look of sportiness.

It goes well together, especially with the tie because it has a slightly more preppy vibe.

Even casual outfits look great with a quilted vest. It is styled with a medium-blue pair of denim, a tan turtleneck, and Chelsea boots.

For me, a turtleneck with jeans and a quilted vest always makes for a great fall look. It has a bit of an outdoorsy, rough feel, but the turtleneck and the Chelsea boots also add some sophistication.

Great for a walk or a weekend brunch.

Work Shirt

The following piece is a work shirt in an olive green color, keeping things casual.

It is quite practical and can be worn as a jacket or a shirt, however I personally prefer the latter. In fact, that’s how I’m styling it.

Oxblood boots, a classic athletic hoodie, and light wash pants.

In order to layer it over a sweatshirt or a heavier sweater, I do look for a shirt like this one that is a little roomier.

When I’m working outdoors or something, I usually wear this. I can move more freely because of the roomier fit. Simply ensures a higher level of comfort all around.

Half-zip Sweater

A half zip sweater is the fourth essential piece of fall outerwear.

It’s fairly simple; the collar has a really great piping accent around the edge, and there’s a zipper.

When it comes to fancy casual and business casual apparel, I think the half zip sweater is one of those crucial pieces.

With a simple white button-up, khaki cotton pants, and suede tassel loafers, I’ve styled it very much in that vein. Due to the zipper, the really simple and classic look does offer an athletic feel.

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The collar of this specific sweater is another thing I should mention because I truly like it.

I prefer the style and feel of the turn-down collar over the more stand-up collar found on many half-zips.


The hoodie is our pick for the fifth piece of outerwear because it is a timeless classic for casual wear.

Unlike other hoodies you’ve probably seen before, this one is unique. Though it is made of incredibly soft organic cotton, the garment actually has a jacket-like feel to it. It is lined, which is part of the explanation.

You not only gain some additional warmth, but you also get two very practical inside pockets. It has a breast pocket in addition to the two exterior pockets, which is a really lovely design touch and practical as well.

Here’s a great classic casual hoodie outfit concept that’s incredibly easy to put together. Nothing more than a white t-shirt, light wash jeans, and white sneakers.

Despite being a hoodie, this one doesn’t really wear like one because it is lined and has a little more heft and structure. It is also improved by the addition of the breast pocket.

Definitely seems more upscale and sophisticated than your typical hoodie.

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