8 Men’s Fall Accessories

Men's Fall Accessories

Here are a few fall-appropriate accessories that every man needs.

These are some of my personal favorite accessories for the fall that will definitely elevate your ensembles.

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Scarves are the essential item that every guy needs when the weather begins to get a little chilly, so let’s start there.

Scarves are a must-have fall accessory and are made of a range of materials, such as cotton, silk, and even synthetic fabrics.

Cashmere and wool, however, will always be my go-to fabrics because they are not only incredibly soft but also beautiful and great at keeping you warm.

I believe that every man should have a black scarf in his collection of accessories, but if you want to mix it up, there are a ton of other colors and patterns to pick from.

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Personally, if you prefer a more subdued appearance, I’d recommend choosing gray, navy, or brown.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more daring, consider a good pattern like plaid or a more dramatic color.

Overall, as long as the color or pattern you select complements your sense of personal style, it doesn’t really matter.

Cozy Socks

When the weather begins to turn a little chilly, is there really anything better than a cozy pair of socks?

In addition to keeping your feet warm, a quality pair of thick, textured knitted wool socks will also look great with the range of pants and shoes you’ll be wearing this fall.

Gray, brown, and black will be your go-to colors. All of them will function throughout the year, but in my opinion, if the leaves are changing color, why shouldn’t your socks?

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Adding some interesting colors and patterns in green, burgundy, blue, and yellow is a great way to add some personality to your outfit without dealing with a high price tag, even though this accessory is typically only seen when you’re walking or sitting down.

My one and only rule about socks is that you should never choose white socks or wear them with sandals. Go wild outside of that.

Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is my next choice, which has transformed from a sports utility item to a contemporary men’s style essential.

There is no doubting that baseball caps are now much more acceptable for everyday wear thanks to the athleisure movement.

With this accessory, you may easily dress down any outfit you’re wearing.

Baseball caps are also great for keeping the sun out of your eyes or for days when you don’t have time to style your hair.

Keep your color palette neutral, and avoid all logos and patterns. Perhaps even just the color of red in general.

To better match the fall season, I’d recommend purchasing one in navy, tan, or dark green since these simple and neutral tones are much simpler and stylish.

Casual Belt

My next fall must-have accessory truly brings everything together. It is a classic casual belt.

Without a good belt, in either black or brown, no outfit is complete. I especially enjoy a great suede version in the fall because the texture goes so nicely with your other fall wardrobe staples.

Additionally, it pairs fantastically with loafers and Chelsea boots made of suede.

If you’re more of a traditionalist and don’t like suede, leather is a great alternative because it’s not only incredibly durable but also gets better looking with age.

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Just avoid buckles that look like they were used in pro wrestling at all costs.

Watch Strap

The next item will definitely make your fall clothing appear extra great.

It is a traditional, neutral watch strap.

The fact that you can typically change the strap based on the season is one of the best things about this particular accessory.

Choosing the same materials as your belt for fall is always a good idea. With fabrics like leather and suede in shades of green or brown, you truly can’t go wrong.

It looks great to wear a black watch strap with a black dress suit and black belt. Your brown accessories are the same.

However, if you want to express yourself, a strap with a stronger color will always give your look more aesthetic.

Because your watch has a story to tell, you should make sure it’s a good one.


My second choice is jewelry, which may be viewed as a somewhat controversial men’s accessory.

Less is usually more when it comes to men’s jewelry and pretty much all other accessories in general.

You should absolutely take a minimalist approach, which includes wearing simple designs and avoiding wearing too many pieces at once.

One ring, for instance, should be worn on each hand. You should really choose slim, understated items that enhance rather than detract from your overall aesthetic when it comes to cuffs or chains.

Slim Wallet

The next item is a piece of accessory that you most likely already own. However, if you’re like most males, you might have made all the wrong decisions.

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It’s your wallet.

Can you image how your wallet would appear once it is crammed with cashing parts if it is already heavy and bulky?

However, a slimmer model, such as a card case or bifold, is a necessity for every man. Slim wallets are strong, useful, and comfortable, and because of their simple design, they won’t ruin your outfit by adding an unattractive bulge.

Always be sure to stay away from logos and choose a simple, clean aesthetic in colors like tan, dark brown, or black.


I strongly advise buying a stylish yet useful umbrella if you live in an extremely rainy or snowy area.

The walking length versions and the traditional collapsible types are the two I typically recommend.

A smaller foldable umbrella is the way to go if you won’t be using it frequently because it won’t take up much room in your backpack.

However, I strongly advise choosing the walking length version as it will provide you with more coverage and better protection from the elements if you are anticipating a lot of snow or rain and don’t mind carrying a longer, more traditional umbrella.

No matter which choice you make, keep things straightforward and use a classic color like black or gray.

If you live somewhere with a lot of wind, you probably already know that sometimes umbrellas are just more trouble than they’re worth. Consider purchasing a waterproof jacket instead.


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