Makeup Tips For 70 Year Olds Women

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Eye Makeup For 70 Year Olds

Aging gracefully is an art, and makeup can be one of the most powerful tools to enhance the natural beauty that comes with experience.

For women in their 70s, makeup is not about covering up but about highlighting their best features and embracing their unique, timeless beauty.

Here we delve into essential makeup tips and techniques specifically tailored for mature skin, ensuring you look and feel your best at every stage of life.

From selecting the right foundation to mastering the perfect brow and eye look, you will find out how to create a flattering, age-appropriate makeup routine that boosts confidence and radiance.

Let’s explore the secrets to looking youthful and feeling beautiful at 70 and beyond.

What Women Over 70 Are using to look 20 Years Younger?

The video provides a detailed walkthrough of beauty techniques tailored specifically for women over 70 who want to achieve a more youthful appearance. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  • Target Audience and Concerns: The content is aimed at women in their 70s, addressing common concerns such as pigmentation, dark circles, and redness that can become more prominent with age. The host acknowledges the importance of addressing these issues to help women feel confident and refreshed.
  • Skincare Emphasis: The host stresses the importance of skincare, advocating for a simplified yet effective routine. She recommends essential products like cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer, emphasizing quality over quantity. The goal is to achieve healthy, glowing skin as the foundation for makeup application.
  • Color Correction Technique: A key focus of the tutorial is color correction. The host explains how using specific color correctors, such as green to neutralize redness and peach to brighten dark areas, can create a more even skin tone. This step is highlighted as essential before applying concealer to achieve a flawless base.
  • Product Recommendations and Alternatives: Throughout the video, the host showcases various makeup products, including both high-end and drugstore options. She provides alternatives for viewers with different budget preferences, ensuring accessibility to quality products regardless of financial constraints.
  • Makeup Application: Detailed instructions are given on how to apply makeup effectively, including techniques for using brushes to achieve precise and seamless application. The tutorial covers everything from concealer and BB cream to eyeshadow and mascara, with a focus on enhancing natural features while addressing specific concerns.
  • Positive Messaging and Self-Care: Beyond the practical aspects of beauty routines, the video also emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset and self-care. The host encourages viewers to embrace makeup and skincare not just as a means of enhancing appearance but also as a form of self-expression and self-love.
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Overall, the video provides a comprehensive guide for older women looking to revitalize their appearance through simple yet effective beauty techniques, delivered with a positive and empowering message.

Makeup Tips For 70 Year Olds

Makeup Tips and Tricks For Truly Mature Skin

The video focuses on makeup techniques for mature, hooded, and crepey eyelids, using the host’s 73-year-old mother as a model to demonstrate the best brushes and methods.

Primer and Initial Eye Makeup Application

  • Risa begins with a tinted cream eyeshadow base from Sigma, appreciated for its versatility in providing an everyday look or as a long-lasting base for additional eyeshadow.
  • Emphasizes the necessity of lightly lifting or pulling the skin during application due to the loose nature of aging skin.

Eyeliner and Blending Techniques

  • Uses a creamy, long-wearing eye pencil for lining the upper lash lines. The line doesn’t need to be perfect as it will be smudged with a flat-top brush for a softer look.
  • Instead of the usual fluffy crease brush, she uses a small, flat shader brush to apply eyeshadow to the outer corners. This prevents excessive movement of the loose skin and allows for precise color placement.
  • After pressing in the eyeshadow with a small brush, she uses a small to medium fluffy brush to gently buff and blend, avoiding the typical windshield wiper motion to prevent disturbing the skin.

Makeup For 70 Year Olds For Women

Lid Shade and Transition Blending

  • Adds a soft taupe shimmer to the lid, demonstrating that shimmer and bolder colors can still be used on mature eyes.
  • Uses a larger flat shader brush to create a transition between the eyeshadow and the skin below the brows, achieving a well-blended gradient effect. Addresses hyperpigmentation concerns and mentions additional concealing for special events.
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Final Touches and Additional Advice

  • Completes the look with mascara, brow pencil, and blush, noting the importance of not overdoing blush as cameras can wash out colors.
  • Advises against heavy dark liner or smokiness on the lower lash line for mature eyes, opting for a lightly smudged look instead for subtle definition.
  • Encourages viewers to experiment with their makeup and reassures that there are no strict rules, suggesting that personal preference and trial and error are key.
  • Concludes with a reminder that all products used are listed in the description box, and invites viewers to leave comments, subscribe, and follow her on social media.

Makeup Looks For 70 Year Olds


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