Levi’s Jeans Fit Guide

Levi's Jeans Fit Guide

In this video, the speaker talks about Levi’s jeans and the different styles and cuts they offer.

Levi’s jeans are popular and come in many different styles and cuts, including slim, skinny, athletic, tapered, and loose.

He tries on eight different pairs of Levi’s jeans, ranging from 510s to 505s, and shows how they fit on him.

He gives his recommendations for which pairs are his favorites and which he thinks will work for various body types.

The speaker also mentions his height and weight for reference and provides details about how he ordered the same size in every style of Levi’s jeans for consistency.

The Levi’s jeans tried on include the 510 skinny fit, 511 slim fit, 512 slim taper, 513 slim straight, 531 athletic slim, 541 athletic taper, 501 original, and 505 regular.

Finally, he goes through each style of jeans and describes how they fit and his thoughts on them, starting with the slimmest fit and working his way up.

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