Kitty Cut Hairstyle

Kitty Cut Hairstyles

The kitty cut is a new layered haircut that offers a subtle, sophisticated alternative to ultra-shaggy styles like the wolf cut. It features structured layers to create a cascading effect without the severe silhouette of a shag.

This versatile cut typically falls between the shoulders and collarbone but can be adjusted for longer or shorter lengths. The layers are long, usually just one centimeter shorter than the base length, to create movement.

Differences from the Wolf Cut

Unlike the super shaggy wolf cut, which combines a mullet and shag, the kitty cut relies on more subtle layers for texture and movement. The wolf cut is popular for longer hair, while the kitty cut is generally shorter, making it a good option for those wanting a visible change without a drastic transformation.


The kitty cut is highly adaptable, suiting various face shapes and hair textures, including straight, curly, and wavy hair. It can be styled in multiple ways, such as blow-dried into soft waves, teased for volume, or air-dried for natural texture. The face-framing layers can be customized to complement different face shapes.

Getting a Kitty Cut

To get a kitty cut, it’s helpful to bring pictures and notes to your hair appointment to discuss the look with your stylist. Given the complexity of the layers, it’s recommended to have this haircut done professionally. Booking a consultation and showing examples from platforms like Pinterest can help achieve the desired style.

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