Jeans and Tee Shirt Outfits (5 Styles)

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Jeans and Tee Shirt Outfits

Is there a more classic outfit than jeans and a t-shirt?

Here, I’d want to discuss five very distinct ways to style the incredibly straightforward and classic ensemble of jeans and a t-shirt using elements of style, such as contrast, silhouette, and shape.

I’ll try to keep it as general as I can in the hopes that it will give you some inspiration to dress up some of the basics in your wardrobe.

Classic & Elevated

The first style personality is classic and elevated.

When people try to dress up their simple pair of jeans and t-shirt, I frequently hear these two words.

Words like polished, put together, fitted, or tailored spring to mind if we’re to really break down the words classic and elevated to assist us rejig this really basic jeans and a t-shirt combination.

For this, I’m going to pick out a pair of light-colored straight-leg jeans, and I’ll tuck the shirt in to give the outfit a somewhat more tailored and polished appearance.

In this instance, I want to maintain the low contrast between the t-shirt and the jeans since it looks good.

Another thing you can consider while creating these outfits from the ground up is whether you want an ensemble that flows together or if you want one focal point.

I’ll add the contrast in the footwear instead. I think if we had a belt here, the two of these would compete with each other.

I’m just going to put on a pair of my bright classic sunglasses to finish this look.

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Casual and Athletic

On the total opposite end, I’m going to portray a laid-back and athletic personality.

Some style elements that come to mind when I think casual and athletic outfit include looser, off-the-body fits, or you could think the opposite, and something really fitted, like traditional athletic gear.

Therefore, there are two possible ways we might take.

Things that are really comfortable and more like loungewear.

I’m going to wear my t-shirt out of the tuck to give off a casual athletic feeling, but if you want to go completely opposite, you may tie a small knot in the shirt instead. For this reason, I adore t-shirts with a little bit more volume so you can play around with them a little.

Naturally, I’ll include some sneakers. They are going to add a little bit of heft to the bottom of this look.

My ball cap and a highly useful bag, possibly my backpack, will counterbalance it and add some contrast.

I’m also going to switch out my sunglasses for some softer ones. This look feels much more sporty because of the roundness of these sunglasses as opposed to the other ones’ glamorous edge.


The following one has a retro style personality.

Retro can refer to a variety of different decades, depending on your age or point of view. For me, the 1980s come to mind when I think of retro.

I’m going to start out by switching out the denim silhouette for my gray vintage Levi’s. They fit more like a boyfriend.

But these balloon pants come to mind when I think about the 1980s in retrospect.

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I’m going to make a tiny bit of a pin tuck or pin roll on the hem of these jeans to give them that balloon aspect, then I’m going to hike up the waistband a tiny bit here.

Simply by making these minor adjustments, it is possible to easily feel the silhouette appear more retro.

For shoes, I could wear my black and white flats, which also have a slight retro vibe thanks to the point and higher vamp, or I could wear my sneaker, which already has a bit of that retro vintage feel. Lastly, I’ll add a big pair of hoops.

Undoubtedly something I would put on in the real world.


The next style is romantic.

Some of the key components that come to mind when I think of romance and that entire style personality are softness, flow and movement, and definition of the body parts that I truly love.

It’s not always important to emphasize the bust, the waist, or the hourglass figure. Whatever your body’s romanticism feels for you is what matters.

After that, I could employ my scarf in a number of ways.

It would add that softness and flow, and I could tie it around my waist to make it more of a focus point.

I could also simply tie it in my hair. I would add delicate jewelry, preferably something with pearls, to highlight the t-shirt’s white color.

Business Casual

Lastly, business casual. Does that even represent a style personality, or is it merely a life function? You tell me; I’m not sure.

I did want to bring up this particular point, though, as I have a sneaking suspicion that many of us will be returning to the office where things are generally more laid back.

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It’s incredibly casual to wear parts of your weekend attire or more laid-back outfits, like jeans and a t-shirt, to the office.

It almost seems like the classic and elevated when I think of business casual. A lot of the stylistic components are similar.

Going back to my straight-leg jeans will give me the structured tailoring and sleek silhouette I desire. They feel to be very well-cut, and since I don’t want the contrast to be too stark, I’m going to add a belt in this lovely tan cognac color.

I’m actually going to wear my very low-heeled black and white flats instead of the slingbacks, which could be the more conventional option.

The sharpness of the toe feels incredibly polished and less romantic than the slingback, so I think using that white at the bottom will really play up to that brilliant white of the t-shirt.

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