6 Fall Jackets Men Should Own

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Jackets Men Should Own

When it comes to dressing for fall, I see a large number of men making the mistake of wearing jackets that are either too colorful, too light, or too puffy with their clothing.

Do you wish to learn what to dress instead?

Keep reading.

It’s now officially time to start putting on additional clothes as the weather begins to cool down.

Here are 6 stylish men’s jackets for fall that you can wear on top of your fashionable clothing.

Utility Jacket

Many guys prefer to put functionality before style when selecting a jacket. My response is, “Why not both?”

Here comes the utility jacket.

This item, also known as a safari jacket, field jacket, or M65 jacket, is tough, masculine, and the ideal outerwear option for guys who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Most body shapes look good in the utility jacket. The longer length and front pockets, however, suit broad guys’ larger frames, so it works especially well on them.

Nevertheless, regardless of your body shape, you should aim for a fit that is both snug and allows you to layer your cold-weather clothing underneath.

The styles and colors available for utility jackets are incredibly diverse. But black, navy, and dark green are unquestionably my favorite seasonal selections.

I would also recommend going a camel, tan, or light brown if you prefer a lighter shade and live in a warmer climate.

I would have to say that when it comes to fabrics, wool and suede would be my top picks for utility jackets. Just avoid wearing leather unless you want to look like the bad guy from a 1990s action movie.

Trucker Jacket

Look no farther than the next option on my list, the trucker jacket, if you’re looking for something a little lighter and more stylishly tough than a utility jacket.

The trucker jacket has been a staple of menswear for decades and has become recognizable for its bad guy style.

In addition to the traditional denim, you can now find them in a range of fabrics, such as wool, corduroy, leather, and suede.

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If you have the money to spend, I definitely recommend going suede because of its incredibly plush and smooth texture.

But corduroy is also a great, more affordable option to denim that looks so good in the fall.

A fashionable shearling-lined version is another option if you’re looking for something with a little additional warmth.

Getting the fit right is essential to make tracker jackets look good.

In order to look more proportionate in the body and sleeves given their boxy shape, I always recommend going down from your usual size. It makes you fit a little bit more closely.

Additionally, you should make sure that the jacket’s length perfectly reaches your waist.

And that the sleeves just barely extend an additional inch past the curve of your wrist.

Keep wearing your original size if you want to layer and know you’ll be wearing sweatshirts and sweaters underneath your trucker jacket. This will stop you from looking to be a robot as you move your arms.

Shirt Jacket

Next, we have trucker jacket’s younger brother, the shirt jacket, who just so happens to have a very large number of nicknames. Usually regarded as the shacket and the overshirt.

One of my favorite fall layering items is a shirt jacket since it has a really cool, laid-back vibe that goes great with other menswear seasonal essentials.

When paired with more laid-back attire like jeans and a t-shirt, they look great.

However, you can also quickly dress them up by just wearing dressier pieces with them, such as a cashmere sweater underneath and a pair of wool pants.

Avoid going for a fit that is too snug because doing so will defeat the objective of this type of jacket.

Almost always, you should leave the buttons undone. Because it truly helps to break up the torso and conceal any trouble spots or additional weight, this rule really makes it a great outerwear option for bigger guys.

I love using more autumnal colors like navy, greens, charcoal, burgundies, as well as various browns and plaid patterns.

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Considering that this jacket is probably more affordable than the other products on this list, consider purchasing a few different color and pattern alternatives so you can experiment with them and put together various fall outfits.

jackets every man should own

Sports Coat

Next, we have a dressier jacket that, while perhaps not an everyday necessity, should be in any man’s closet. It’s the sports coat.

Finding dressier clothing that will keep you comfortable and elegant throughout the colder months might be challenging.

However, the sports coat is the ideal piece of outerwear for business casual attire. It has the effortless ability to quickly glam up anything it is paired with. From wool trousers to chinos to dark wash jeans.

During the winter months, you should definitely choose wool fabrics like tweed or herringbone because they have a heavier weight and will keep you warm while looking a stylish.

Navy is usually a great choice for colors. However, you can also go with a traditional fall color like a dark green, brown, charcoal, or burgundy.

Single-breasted and double-breasted sports coats are both available. It really is up to you to choose which fits your particular style the best.

Given how much of a statement piece this is, it’s important to pair it with more subdued, neutral pieces that won’t take away from your fashionable sports coat overall look.

Puffer Jacket

Next, we have a jacket that many men prefer to shy away from because they believe it is difficult to style. It’s the puffer jacket.

Given that puffer jackets are typically filled with down or a synthetic equivalent, they are a great choice for outerwear if you want to stay quite warm.

When wearing one in public, you don’t have to look like the Michelin Man. The puffer jacket may look good with a few techniques.

First and foremost, you should never choose a shiny fabric because it will just make you look like an inflated blowfish.

Second, always choose a neutral color that is more subdued, like black, gray, navy, or dark green. These are the most versatile and subdued colors that will make your puffer look less puffy.

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Third, keep in mind that you will never wear your puffer jacket indoors, unlike over shirts and sports coats. This implies that your undergarment should always look put together.

Puffers look great over everything, including turtlenecks and flannels, but you should always check that the jacket ends neatly at your waist to avoid looking like a walking sleeping bag.

Bomber Jacket

Finally, we have a jacket that not only looks great in the fall, but also really looks great all year long. It’s the bomber jacket.

Bombers have a really attractive shape that suits guys of all ages and body types.

Depending on what you pair them with, they are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors and may be easily dressed up or toned down.

Normally, I’d advise choosing a timeless, neutral color like black or navy, but for the fall, feel free to experiment with earthier colors like dark brown, olive green, or burgundy, which looks really good in a great suede fabric.

Suede is unquestionably my preferred material right now for bombers, although it is more expensive. Other choices include wool, cotton, and nylon, which look great in the cooler months.

Regardless of your body type, you should always choose a fit that is somewhat slim through the body and the sleeves because an oversized style will only make you look bigger or skinnier than you truly are.

You always want the torso and sleeves of your jacket to end cleanly at your waist and wrist, just like your trucker jacket.

In order to create a pleasing silhouette, especially if you’re one of the bigger guys, make sure to always leave your jacket open.

stylish men's jackets for fall

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