How to Wear & Style Indigo Jeans (6 Looks)

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Six stylish ways are listed here to wear your indigo jeans.

How to Wear Indigo Jeans

Outfit 1

First up is a stylish casual outfit made up of a few staples of menswear, such as your go-to indigo jeans, a white crewneck T-shirt, a pair of low top sneakers, and a chic cardigan.

The simplicity of this specific look is what I love. The sneakers and the crewneck top are among the items that you should most definitely already own.

Although cardigans might not be every guy’s go-to choice in outerwear, I personally love their laid-back look and think they’re a great alternative to your standard crewneck sweater or jacket.

I typically advise choosing a leather pair of the white low top sneakers because they feel more luxurious and are much easier to maintain. However, a solid pair of canvas shoes can also work great with a more laid-back outfit.

For another variant on this look, we’ve switched out the lighter gray cardigan for a darker shawl collar version that looks sharp with the jeans and gives off a professional yet laid-back outfit.

For larger men, cardigans are a great way to conceal any excess weight and break up your wider torso. Just keep in mind to never button it.

Outfit 2

Next, we have a stylish everyday outfit made up of a pair of dark wash jeans, some leather Chelsea boots, and a blue crewneck sweater layered beneath a black trucker jacket.

The fact that this particular outfit incorporates a number of textures and colors without being overpowering is what I love about it.

Instead of opting for a denim trucker jacket, here is a buttery soft suede option that has a subdued yet opulent look and looks great with slim-fit indigo jeans. It blends well with the sweater’s texture.

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Having the hem cuffed enables you to show your gorgeous Chelsea boots in brown leather. Also, don’t forget to use one of my favorite fashion tricks, rolling up the sleeves of your jacket to show your beautiful silver watch and some muscular forearm.

Outfit 3

The outfit I’ve chosen for next is monochrome and ideal for the chilly winter months.

When talking about all-black clothes, I normally use the phrase monochromatic, but in this case, we’re sticking with the same hue as our dark wash jeans. Here, we’re wearing our jeans with a navy jacket, navy sneakers, and a navy crewneck sweater since we’re trying for an all-navy look.

The subtle white accents that appear all throughout this outfit are what really make it work.

The white button-down shirt’s collar, which was tucked under the crewneck sweater, can be seen. I love wearing a white button-down or T-shirt underneath a crew neck or v-neck sweater.

Additionally, one of my favorite aspects of this ensemble is how the darkness of the rest of it is counterbalanced by the brightness of the white shoelaces and midsole.

I would replace the white socks with any other color if I could change one thing about this particular outfit. Additionally, if I could make one more change to this look, I would replace this particular beanie with one that was a solid color.

A beanie without a distracting branding always looks much better.

How to Style Indigo Jeans

Outfit 4

The following outfit is a really excellent pair of dark wash jeans that would work great in the fall.

A dark brown sweatshirt, white sneakers, and a light brown suede trucker jacket are seen here.

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One of my favorite color combos for men is navy and brown. But this time, for a very stylish look, we’re switching the colors around instead of wearing a pair of khaki chinos with a navy top half.

A suede trucker jacket is a wonderful statement piece, and I adore how the dark denim and the dark sweater really make it pop in the most fashionable way.

You could also just swap out the white sneakers for a pair of brown lace-up or Chukka boots if you wanted an even cleaner and more refined fall look.

Outfit 5

The outfit we’re wearing next demonstrates that wearing indigo jeans isn’t just for casual looks.

Classic dark wash jeans, a houndstooth sports coat, a white dress shirt, and a pair of leather shoes make up this sharp outfit.

We can see how your dark wash jeans give you a strong color base upon which to build the rest of your smart casual outfit in this instance.

It’s clear how the jeans’ deeper indigo tint enables you to experiment with color on your top half.

The small details, in my opinion, are what elevate this outfit from decent to great.

It is customary to only button the top button on a sports coat, which is a strict fashion rule.

In addition to matching the leathers of our shoes and belt, we also added a delicate beaded bracelet in a complementary color.

I also love that instead of choosing a pocket square in a contrasting color to the blazer because it is a stronger color, we chose one that is a muted shade so as not to draw attention away from the rest of the outfit.

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Outfit 6

We have another way to wear your indigo jeans that is both very casual and stylish.

This particular look, which consists of a flannel shacket, a white T-shirt, and a pair of black lace-up boots, couldn’t be easier to put together.

In addition to the diversity of styles available, one of my favorite aspects of shackets is their loose fit.

This roomier fit not only looks great, but it also allows you a number of alternatives for layering underneath. If it’s too chilly to wear just a t-shirt, layer on a crewneck sweater or hoodie for extra warmth.

It is completely OK to wear navy and black together with such boots. A great pair of brown sneakers or a pair of white low top sneakers might also work as an alternative.

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