How to Wear Sheer Tops

How to Wear Sheer Tops

In this article I’m going to talk about how to wear sheer tops and how to style them.

In terms of fashion, there are a lot of see-through clothes. There are many different types of clothing, including lace, crochet, mesh, and sheer.

What do you wear underneath all of these see-through clothes?

It’s extremely simple!

Simply get a cami and you’ll be good to go. You need two camis with spaghetti straps, one white and one black. Perhaps adding a nude cami to the mix would be a welcome addition as well.

You must ensure that your cami has spaghetti straps that are very thin.

You need to make sure that it has either a beautiful deep V or a nice deep scoop. The reason for this is because you do not want the neckline of the top that is layered over it to clash with the neckline of the cami that is underneath it.

You do not want the straps to compete with the top, nor do you want them to detract from or draw attention away from the top.

That is the reason why we have decided to go with that minimal strap and the deep scoop or deep V.

Additionally, you want to make sure that your cami is long enough to cover the line between your actual skin and the top of your pants or top of your jeans. You shouldn’t see that line.

If your cami is long enough and the proper size, it should truly cover just the waistband of your pants or jeans. This will help you appear a little more streamlined and polished, and it will cover up the line that would otherwise be visible between your skin and the waistband of the pants or jeans.

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Therefore, you are looking for the following three things:

  • You’re looking for spaghetti straps.
  • You’re trying to find the deep V or the deep scoop.
  • You want a cami that is long enough to reach just past the waistband of your pants or jeans.

Because you do wear them frequently, you might want to think about purchasing one that washes exceptionally well.

The silkier ones are what I personally prefer. The silkier ones, in my opinion, wash better.

From my personal experience, I’ve found that the ones with a more matte finish tend to gather into balls like a sweater would, and they also collect lint and fuzz. Because they don’t ball up and wash incredibly nicely, the silkier ones are my favorite because they wick away all of the dust and lint.

Although I usually purchase my at Zara, this will be a pretty unique purchase. You are going to need to give them a try in order to determine whether or not they fit you properly.

However, you need to make sure that the one you choose is the right size for you and that it is comfortable for you to wear.

You might want to consider doing a Spanx or Yummie Tummie variation of it in order to add some tummy control to it.

But you also need to make sure it’s long enough, and acquire one in white, black, and then nude for good measure.

A lot of women that I’ve worked with have said ‘I need to get a mint green cami to go with my mint green top, or a pink cami to go with my pink top, or a red cami to go with red top.’

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No, you do not have to match the cami to the top.

You may do so, it’s fine if you choose to, or if the top comes with something. That’s fine. However, you don’t have to.

With all of the light-colored see-through tops, including the light-colored sheer, mesh, crochet, and lace tops, you’ll wear your white cami.

If you are going to wear a sheer top in a mint green color, you should wear a white camisole underneath. Use your white cami with anything pastel or light in color, such as white, ivory, yellow, pink, or light blue.

You’re going to wear a black cami with the richer, darker colors, such as navy, brown, green, black, gray, burgundy, and red.

The idea is to make the top, which is worn layered over the cami, stand out. When you do it correctly, it will allow that top to really pop out, which is what you want. The cami should be barely noticeable.

It’s a minor detail, yet it has a significant influence. So pay attention to that detail.

how to wear see-through tops

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