How to Wear Prints and Printed Clothing

How to Wear Prints

I’d like to discuss how to wear prints in this article.

I don’t have a lot of printed apparel or prints in general in my closet. I just have a few pieces, but I’ve been adding more recently, so I’ve been paying attention to diverse styling and drawing inspiration from it.

So, here, I’d like to go over some of the things I’ve noticed, as well as some of the things I do to feel my best when wearing printed clothing.

Start Slow

My first piece of advice is to take things slowly and add only one print to your outfit at a time, keeping the rest of your outfit simple.

Keep your outfit’s basis as minimal as possible, and your color pallet as limited as possible. When in doubt, I like to stick to three colors. It’s the simplest method to put together an outfit.

You can really get a sense of how it makes you feel and whether or not you like it by allowing everything else to be very subdued and enabling your one printed item to shine. You may then broaden your horizons and have more fun with it.

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This is something I like to do with printed clothes in particular. They’re a simple way to include a print, particularly a striped top. Because they go with everything, they are quite easy to include into a very minimalist closet. They’re usually colored in a muted manner.

When you start putting it in your closet, it becomes a no-brainer. After that, you’ll be able to create clothes based on it.


If you want to take it back even further, and maybe an item of clothing still feels like a lot of print for you, then try putting on an accessory.

Printed shoes, printed handbags, printed scarves, printed hats, and other small details are a lovely way to begin incorporating print into your outfit and wardrobe.

The simplest method to do this is to wear a printed shoe.

They have a lot of impact on me when it comes to an outfit. You can choose a print and then a color that appeals to you and make that the center point of your room. It’s also an excellent way to add some personality to a plain closet.

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When I originally started redesigning my wardrobe, I kept it very simple and had only a few colors and silhouettes.

However, by adding a printed shoe to my clothes, I was able to make them feel a little more unique and special.

Similarly, scarves are probably the best way to design an ensemble around a print without it taking over your entire outfit because you can remove it.

Unlike shoes, a blouse, a pair of pants, or a skirt, you can simply remove a printed scarf if you decide that it isn’t working for you or that this isn’t the route you want to go as the day progresses. Simply remove it.

So there’s no pressure and it’s a simple approach to begin experimenting with them.

One Clothing Item

Similarly, a simple method to wear prints in general is to start with one piece of clothing and then step it up a level by selecting a piece of clothing that serves as a full outfit.

A dress or romper is very simple since you can choose something with a print and keep the rest of your outfit really simple.

You won’t have to bother about mixing and matching colors to match the print, then double-checking that the printed item matches the rest of your outfit.

By limiting the print to just one piece, such as a dress or romper, you may accessorize with very few items.

Instead of designing your outfit around incredibly simple components and then adding the accessories, you build your minimal outfit around the print.

Both are excellent methods to experiment with them. Because dresses and rompers are frequently printed, it’s a great place to start dipping your toe into the world of fashion and finding things that work for you.

How to Wear Prints

Print That Represents Your Energy

The next step is to pick a print that represents your inherent energy as well as the energy you want to radiate to the rest of the world.

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This can also determine whether you like prints or not.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t like printed apparel,” but it all depends on the print you’re wearing.

Because an animal print will feel very different from a plaid, which will feel very different from a stripe, which will feel very different from a floral.

Distinct floral patterns might emit different energies within it.

Finding something that symbolizes you to the outside world will ensure that everything is in sync, and you will feel completely at ease wearing it.

Stripes, plaid, smaller scale florals, and things that are dramatic but still little subdued are all favorites of mine.

I find that it works nicely with my personality, therefore I feel at ease wearing it. Those are the ones that I keep coming back to.

Play around with it; go into a store and hold different designs up to your face to see what makes you feel the right way and what feels like you.

You’ll do it instinctively if you go for things that you’re naturally inclined to because we enjoy what’s already inside of us.

Have fun with it and try out different patterns and prints until you discover the one that suits you best.

Print in Proportion to You

My next piece of advice is to make sure that the print you’re wearing, as well as the rest of your clothing, is proportionate to you.

If you’re petite, a smaller scale plaid or a smaller floral print may suit you well. If you’re really tall, a striking print, such as a huge plaid or checks, may suit you perfectly.

Playing around with that to find something that allows you to shine is crucial in terms of how you feel when you’re wearing prints and not feeling like you’re a walking billboard for whatever print you’re wearing.

It’s especially useful when the print is proportionate to the rest of your ensemble. If you want the print to be a major focus point, choose something that is larger in scale in relation to you.

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Finding something that is smaller in scale, in proportion to you and your attire, will make it much easier for it to blend into the background.

Multiple Prints

If you wish to wear more than one print at once, such as two or three, it’s best if you keep them all in the same color family.

Everything will seem more coherent and styling will be a lot easier.

Choosing items with the same base color and perhaps a similar accent color will easily communicate that message.

It’s best if you make one of the prints the center point and the others supporting characters.

If you want to wear two plaids, for example, a pair of plaid pants and then a plaid coat, keep one larger than the other while sticking to the same color palette, it will look great.

Allowing the same accent color to stand out will be the cherry on top. Choosing a splash of red and then repeating it in the shoes, a scarf, or a pair of earrings is a lovely opportunity to experiment with color and print.

That concludes my advice on how to wear prints.

They’re things I’ve been thinking about as I’ve incorporated more print to my wardrobe. Also, things I’ve seen from folks who I admire and think have fantastic style.

I hope this was helpful, and that it will allow you to include more print into your wardrobe, because print, like color, is critical for taking your wardrobe to the next level and genuinely customizing it.

How to Wear Printed Clothing

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