How to Wear Jeans Over 40 (For Men)

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How to Wear Jeans Over 40

Here, I will talk a variety of ways in which jeans can be styled.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be wearing jeans 98% of the time when the cold weather arrives.

The issue is that, as guys, we frequently fall into ruts where we wear the same things repeatedly with no diversity.

In this article, I hope to help with that.

The wonderful thing about jeans is that they can go from casual to edgy and cover every style in between.

Please keep in mind that the content of this article is merely my opinion.

Let’s get started.


Let me start by talking about the fit. Since you’ve probably already heard enough about this if you read any style content, I won’t spend a lot of time on it.

Basically, it appears as though you are wearing someone else’s clothes if your jeans are too wide, too saggy, or too lengthy.

Your best course of action is to slightly tighten the fit. Nothing should be both too tight and too loose.

But also be aware that it’s up to you to get out and try things on before deciding which brands are ideal for you, as what I like might not be suitable for you.


The color is next. I would advise you to branch out from blue and black and try other colors of jeans as they are available in a variety of types.

Try using some gray, off-white, or maybe burgundy. Try blue in a variety of shades as well.

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The one thing I would advise against is heavy distressing with rips, tears, and holes in the knees, especially if you are over 40.

I understand a lot of young guys are wearing this stuff right now because it’s trendy. But the fact that young guys are wearing it is precisely my point.


Let’s now talk contrast because the colors and tones you choose to pair together can either add or decrease contrast.

Consider wearing a darker shirt, pair of shoes, or jacket with light-washed jeans, for instance.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more monochromatic appearance, wear dark-washed jeans, a shirt in a dark color, dark-colored shoes, or a dark jacket.


Next, add a shirt with a pattern or a print. I am aware that many men are a little frightened by patterns and prints, but you don’t have to go overboard.

A nice choice is something subtle because it also offers aesthetic intrigue.

If you choose a neutral-colored item, it will go with many of the jeans you most likely already own.

Something in a soft blue, brown, or dark gray, for instance, can match almost every pair of jeans you can think of.


Let’s talk about adding a few layers. This is the ideal time to experiment with layers because winter weather is approaching.

But keep in mind that layering doesn’t always necessitate donning three or four different shirts and jackets. Or wear them so that they all show at once.

You certainly can, but doing so is not actually required.

I keep it easy. A t-shirt or polo shirt underneath a sweater with a quarter-zip and a jacket on top, or even a thin shacket.

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Consider wearing a variety of jacket styles and types. You can choose a leather jacket, a bomber jacket, or even a shacket or light shirt jacket.

The shacket’s cool thing is that you can play about a bit with the fabric and pattern.

You have a choice between choosing a heavier plaid flannel, a solid color in even a lesser weight cotton material, or something with a pattern.

Warm Tones

For the fall, let’s talk about warmer colors, but don’t forget that blue and brown look beautiful together.

Using neutrals and earth tones—basically, colors found in nature—is a wonderful rule of thumb for the fall season. The dirt is brown, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the leaves are turning orange. It’s hard to get it wrong because these colors blend well together.

Wearing darker and more muted color tones is the only thing I would wear.

What do I mean by this?

Choose a forest green or an olive green instead of a bright green item of clothing. Choose various shades of brown, dark orange, or burnt orange instead of wearing bright orange.

Consider something a little more muted and less dramatic than bright blue.

You get the idea.


The last are your shoes.

Sneakers, boots, loafers, and to a lesser extent dress shoes are all acceptable here.

I would steer clear of black because it is very formal if you do want to somewhat dress things up and choose a dress shoe.

I would choose a brogue since it has a more casual vibe than something much more official, like a polished cap toe.

To me, the dress shoe can only go so far, and something like this is about as far as it should go.

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