How to Wear Cowboy Boots (Women)

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How to Wear Cowboy Boots (Women)

I’ll show you seven different ways to wear cowboy boots in this article.

They’re really simple to put on and wear, as well as very comfortable.

If you’re not quite ready to invest in a pair of cowboy boots, I’ll show you three alternative methods to incorporate a western vibe into any ensemble with three simple items.

The western look is designed to be laid-back but yet entertaining, with a touch of country and ruggedness thrown in for good measure.

Maxi Dress

The first way to wear cowboy boots is with a lovely midi-length maxi dress that shows off the actual cowboy boot.

Any length or style will suffice.

For example, you can wear a very form-fitting knit dress with your cowboy boots for a good comfy look. Knits are very fashionable right now, so combining a knit dress with your cowboy boots will give you a nice comfortable look.

If you want to go the additional mile, you can always put on a hat.

However, it may also be styled and layered with a denim jacket and a lovely scarf.

A long flowing dress, in this vein, is another lovely piece to wear with cowboy boots.

This is something you see a lot of during fashion week for street style. Many women are seen wandering around in dresses that are either too huge or too airy. There’s a lot of drama, but you can’t see it because of the cowboy boots.

Instead, some people choose to wear sneakers. People want comfort in their shoes, and western boots are just as comfy as sneakers, but they’re a little different from the boots we’ve seen thus far.

So, if you’ve worn sneakers with almost everything and are ready to branch out, this is still another wonderful option to consider.

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When it comes to denim, choose something that is really snug around your ankles, such as a cropped ankle or a straight leg. Alternatively, you can choose a large boot cut, bell bottom type, or bell-shaped leg to fully accommodate the boot.

To achieve the most flattering look with this, keep in mind that if you are of average height, you should wear the cropped ankle look with the boot over the denim to elongate your legs.

If you’re going to wear a boot cut or a bell bottom, you’ll want a western boot with a little bit of heel so you don’t seem too short and your bell bottoms don’t skim the floor, and so you have a little bit more height and look a little bit longer.


Skirts are the third method to wear cowboy boots.

Maxi skirts are the first. Maxis are such a natural extension; they’re very country, and you can dress them up with a belt to make them look even more put-together.

You can also pair it with a mini skirt to make it look a little more youthful, flirty, and fun, as well as a little more laid-back.

You can wear whatever type of tiny skirt that you choose. If you’re feeling a little more daring and sensual, go for a bulb leather, or a flowing one that hits mid-thigh and has a little bit of swing. That’s just a lot of fun and laid-back.


Cowboy boots can also be worn with leggings as a fourth option. I say legging type of pants because while cord leggings are always a great option, there are also certain trousers that are a little more tapered, aren’t leggings, and are more like a form-fitting trouser.

That appears to be a little more formal than leggings, but it also looks great with the western boot.

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2-piece Set

A two-piece set is another great way to dress up your cowboy boots.

This season, two-piece outfits are very popular. We’re seeing a lot of various coordinated two-piece sweater combinations that look incredibly sensual and slinky. I’ve seen them paired with ballet flats, sneakers, and Chelsea boots.

Adding the cowboy boots, on the other hand, seems like a really fun way to wear this style and make it appear a little bit different from how everyone else is wearing it.

How to Wear Cowboy Boots Women


Adding a blazer is another fantastic way to wear cowboy boots.

This can be added to any outfit, whether it’s just a little dress with a blazer and cowboy boots, and it looks incredibly sophisticated.

This style is completed with a small red dress that pairs well with the cowboy boots and long blazer. This is a look that I adore, and it makes me feel incredibly chic, stylish, and put-together.

Denim Shorts

Finally, the denim shorts are paired with cowboy boots.

Denim shorts and cowboy boots are a classic combination that can be updated with a crop top.

Crop tops are frequently seen paired with denim shorts. In this scenario, you should choose a pair of denim shorts that are a little longer. It’s just too much skin overall if you’re wearing really short shorts and a crop top. However, if you’re going to wear incredibly short shorts, a button-down shirt or a vest might be a good choice.

Style The Western Trend

Without the cowboy boots, here are three fast ways to rock the western style.


Fringe is number one. It is quite popular and entertaining. It can be found in a wide variety of places. You can wear a fringe bag that dangles and gives a lot of volume to an ensemble, or you can find it in jackets.

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You can wear a slinky outfit and accessorize with a lovely fringy bag that gives volume to the ensemble.

You may also add boots that aren’t cowboy boots, but have that lovely western fringe that makes it look both relevant and modern.


The second option to wear the western trend without the cowboy boots is to replace your jewelry with a small western scarf.

This looks extremely lovely, and it nearly seems like the French small scarf you see people wearing, but it’s actually a western scarf with a cowgirl theme. You may mix up your style by wearing it with a button-down or a t-shirt.


The western belt is the third way to wear the western trend without wearing cowboy boots.

You may really westernize your vibe by wearing one of those belts with that great western touch. You can combine a monochrome suit with the belt or a traditional denim style with the western belt to look chic, current, and stylish.

How to Style Cowboy Boots (Women)


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