How to Style White Ankle Boots (3 Looks)

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How to Style White Ankle Boots

Who is interested in learning how to style white boots?

You might be curious about the trend or have your eye on a pair of white booties. But you’re not really sure how to wear or style white boots.

This post was written with you in mind.

I’m going to guide you through a few outfit combinations for your white ankle boots. I’m going to concentrate on three different styles that you can get with your white booties.

Table of Contents

Look 1

The first look I want to discuss is something you can dress up or dress down, wear for a date or doing errands. It all depends on what’s going on and how you choose to style it.

This look consists of a tank dress with long sleeves and the ruching being made out of a gray t-shirt fabric. Every year, this dress is among the top sellers.


I’ve seen pregnant women wearing it and looking stunning. I’ve seen women wearing it when they aren’t pregnant and looking great.

It’s simply a perfect dress to throw on when you want to look put together but don’t have much time or don’t want to make a big effort.

You must ensure that your stomach is comfy because if you have a food belly, it will show as a small bump. Make sure the day is one of those where you don’t feel bloated and feel generally good about your midsection.

It’s a gorgeous look for a romantic evening. It definitely goes up a notch, elevates the dress, and makes it feel a little sexier if you wear it with the white booties.

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You could also throw a moto jacket, a blazer, or a cardigan on top of this.

If you wanted to dress this dress down, simply take off the white booties, throw on some white sneakers, throw on a pair of sandals or slides, or more casual booties, and it will work for daytime.

The white bootie is something you can wear with dresses without a doubt. It is not required to be fitted. You may try a black fit and flare dress. It may be made longer so that more of your legs are covered.

You may create something similar, which is a little bit more conservative and forgiving in the fit.

Dress is the first component of the look. It doesn’t have to the be the exact dress. Simply take a dress from your collection, pair it with your white booties, and choose whether or not to throw a jacket. And you are done.

Depending on your preference, you can wear it with a pendant necklace and a brown bag that can be worn cross-body or as a satchel.

Look 2

Look number two is unquestionably my favorite since it is all white, and I love all white. It is incredibly lovely, feminine, and girly.


Is it simple to wear all white? Absolutely not. However, combining tones and textures will really help you spice up that look. Make it look really nice.

You might wear on a pair of off-white cropped jeans and a white turtleneck to achieve this look. Any turtleneck will do; you don’t need to wear an expensive one. Just tuck it in.


Then you can cover it with a draped pale pink trench coat. I love coats from Club Monaco. Their products are exquisitely constructed, and the tailoring is excellent. It simply seems so classic. You’ll wear this stuff forever.

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A brief word on white ankle boots. Many of these booties are not designed to fit women with wide feet. They are challenging to put on and off. However, there are many choices; all you have to do is choose one that has a side zip. That’s it.

Look 3

I was trying to think of a combination that I believe each of you have in your closet. The third look includes a pair of fitted jeans. That might be a straight-leg, tapered-to-the-leg jean, or it might be a skinny jean.


I wear old school rigged denim that isn’t stretchable like a skinny jean. However, they are cropped, tapered, and fitted to the leg. The top of the bootie is just about touched by the height of the jeans.

You are not need to do that; an alternative would be to wear skinny jeans and tuck them into the boots. But occasionally the rumpling of the jean out of the bootie drives me nuts. When boots and jeans go together nicely, I love it.

The taller white bootie is another option. You won’t have to worry about that gaping or that rumpling at the ankle because that will easily fit over your jeans.

Next, you can wear a black top. A black top is something that everyone owns. It might be a black turtleneck, black blouse, black shirt, or black tee. This look can be worn with any black top that you enjoy wearing and that looks excellent on its own.

You may also replace your blue jeans with black ones for a black and white contrast look that is even more stunning, elegant, and stylish.

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It need not be blue jeans and a black blouse. It might be a white top and blue jeans or black jeans and a black top. You know that you can play around with the combination.

The fact that this last style is so basic in a sense is one thing I love about it. You could essentially use any purse or accessory with the colors because they are so neutral.

You may go with a green, or you could choose a stunning saddle brown. You might make a red bag or a white bag. Your choice of bags or accessories could take you almost anywhere. Which is really a fun place to be.

I hope that gives you some ideas on how to style white ankle boots.

How to Wear White Ankle Boots


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