How to Style Straight Leg Jeans (6 Looks)

How to Style Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are extremely popular. They are a trend that is still going strong.

I’ve personally embraced this trend, and I’m aware that some of you are interested in giving them a try.

Some of you have said that you’ve had some difficulty trying this trend. You’re unsure about the best way to wear them.

I choose to write this article for that reason. I’m going to give you a lot of great ideas on how to choose the ideal straight-leg jean for you. Additionally, there are several different ways to style them.

Therefore, if you’re curious about how to style straight-leg jeans, keep reading.

Two Types

To get things started, I will explain the two different types that are now available.

The first one is a straight and slim. They will sometimes tell you directly on the tag slim straight.

Sometimes you have to put them on to find it out.

A skinny jean is a lot more similar to this slim straight fit. It will give you a much more streamlined, slimmer cut leg all the way down.

The slim straight and the skinny vary in that the slim straight has a wider ankle circumference.

It won’t hug your ankle and it won’t contain as much spandex. It will give you a little bit more width at the ankle while yet maintaining a very slim, straight, and somewhat more fitting leg line.

The traditional straight legs will be your other choice. It features a looser fit that extends from the thigh all the way down to your foot, which is what you’ll find with this particular style.

This actually gives off a more elongating look. You may choose not to have a lot of tightness through the thighs and want to have a little more room.

It’s likely that you’re one of those people who genuinely likes the traditional straight-leg jean.

The Length

The length of your straight-leg jeans must also be taken into account. There are choices available to you as well.

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Getting them cropped is one way to wear them. Your height will determine how long that inseam should be.

Additionally, you have the option to crop them yourself.

Even if they aren’t cropped, you can still experiment with the length by putting on the jeans with various shoes, folding them, and figuring out what actually works you.

When I use the term “cropped,” I mean that it ends just above the ankle bone. I simply enjoy having that tiny patch of skin. The cropped actually works good for me.

I make sure to take it and have it hemmed to the proper length if I can’t find it cropped at the store.

Here are some different ideas on how to style straight leg jeans.

Look 1

This first look is my most casual, everyday look. This is how I would style my slim straight jeans with some sneakers.

I paired a cashmere sweater in a very subtle ivory tone with my slim, straight-leg jeans.

I gave it a slight front tuck, wore retro sneakers, and carried a small crossbody bag.

Simply put, I dress like this 90% of the time. It’s a comfy, casual look for everyday.

It’s most likely a button-down or a t-shirt if it’s not a sweater.

I absolutely adore wearing sneakers, and I love that these slim straight jeans allow me to do just that. They’re very easy to wear and comfy with sneakers.

Look 2

I’m choosing a traditional pair of straight-leg jeans and a red, short-sleeve floral top for this next casual ensemble.

I tried so many various floral-print tops, and they all fit this particular pair of traditional straight-leg jeans quite well.

Since these jeans are looser, I do like to pair them with a shoe that has a small heel. I believe that exposing a little bit of skin makes my body shape look much more attractive.

Since the length of these particular jeans is a little bit long, I frequently style them with my favorite clogs so that a small portion of my foot is visible. This helps to break up the length. Additionally, you may wear a cognac mule or slingback with these jeans.

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Look 3

This next outfit is a step up from the previous one; it’s still casual, but it’s something I might wear on to meet friends for lunch or a night out.

I paired the same slim straight jeans, but this time I wore a button-down hot pink blouse with them. I love this shirt since it’s so lightweight and cozy. I styled it with a small taupe belt.

I threw on my chunky loafers with lug soles. They are fun and really trendy. If you don’t like these massive lug soled loafers, you may certainly do these with a traditional loafer.

Simply put, this is a fantastic outfit for doing many activities in the fall. It’s both trendy and quite comfortable. I love how well these straight, slim jeans go with these chunky lug-soled loafers.

Look 4

With my next outfit, I aim to step it up a bit. I styled a v-neck, short sleeve sweater with traditional straight-leg jeans.

You may also wear a white button-up top or a classic white sweater with a v-neck to complete the look. This look is really effortless and seems to come naturally.

I’m wearing darker taupier two-strap block heels. They have a small, really understated block heel.

A lot of my skin is visible on my foot, which provides a lot of real estate. I like to wear this looser straight-leg jean by exposing more of my foot when styling it.

If I were to pair this particular outfit with a white sneaker, it would make me look much more frumpy. I feel like it lengthens my leg and my body.

This is a terrific way to dress up your outfit without feeling absolutely out of place wearing a high heel stiletto type of shoe with your straight leg jeans.

Look 5

I choose a cropped, straight-leg jean for this outfit and pair it with a high heel. These are my four-inch pumps.

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This outfit leans toward business casual.

I’m wearing a blazer in a bright fuchsia pink with gold buttons. I paired it with a cami underneath and styled it with those pumps and those slim straight jeans.

I love this look. I feel it to be a really sophisticated yet business casual look. I can do that with a wide variety of shoes.

Look 6

I go for a dressy evening look for this last outfit.

I styled a long black cardigan over a very simple black satin camisole to complete the look. You could simply wear just the black cami by itself to style this. That would be a really sophisticated and fashionable evening look. Another option is a black-style blouse.

I paired it with a black block-heeled sandal for the footwear. I wanted a shoe that was a little bit more dressed up because I’m going for that evening look.

However, as per usual, you can see a lot of my foot, which helps my body appear longer when I’m wearing these traditional straight-leg jeans.

I hope you liked this article and you discovered a little something about how to wear and how to style the perfect straight leg pair of jeans.

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