How to Style Oversized Shirt, Sweater, Blazer, T-Shirt, Pants

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How to Style Oversized Shirt

Here, I’d want to discuss how to style oversized clothing in a stylish and put-together manner.

I think oversized and male pieces are some of the most interesting items you can find secondhand, vintage, or thrifted to add to your closet.

I’m going to give you some styling advice for the five most common oversized clothes you’ll come across.

So let’s get started.

Oversized Button Down Shirt

Oversized button-down shirts are among my all-time favorite garments. They’re incredibly flexible, and I love how the tailoring and sharpness of the lines make it appear intentional and put together, even if it’s oversized or boxy.

Opening and unbuttoning the collar are two things I always do when wearing an oversized button-down shirt. This gives me a lovely long line and highlights my neck, which is one of my upper body’s smaller areas.

I also prefer to cuff my sleeves because it accentuates my wrist.

The volume of the shirt isn’t fully overwhelming me.

Depending on how daring I want to be, I’ll make sure I’m wearing a really nice bra underneath and unbutton my shirt just low enough so that you can see a tiny bit of the bra poking through if I move.

This is entirely dependent on your degree of comfort, and I only do it when I’m wearing a shirt that is somewhat firm and doesn’t continually flap open.

I also like to wear an oversized button-down shirt with a pair of tapered and fitted bottoms or pants. This definitely brings up the proportional difference.

If you plan on tucking your shirt all the way in, it’s especially vital that the bottoms you’re wearing be strong enough to hold the cloth in and not bulge.

Tucking my button-down shirt all the way into my pants is one of my favorite things to do. While this may appear uncomfortable due to the amount of cloth, a simple technique is to separate the bottom buttons and tuck one side of the shirt into one trouser leg and the other side into the other.

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You can even execute a quasi-tuck with your oversized shirt to fully embrace the boyfriend and casual style. You can even tie a knot at the waist if you want to be a little more flirtatious.

This will not only help you handle the additional fabric you’ll have due to the fact that it’s oversized, but it will also highlight your waist.

You can even wear your oversized shirt untucked fully. This looks extremely stylish when teamed with a pair of super slimming and tight-fitting jeans.

When wearing the oversized button down shirts, the final step is to add accessories that play up the oversized menswear vibe or delicate jewelry.

I would absolutely recommend a gorgeous simplistic yet timeless timepiece to pair with your oversized button-down shirts if you want to play up that entire French chic gamine image.

Oversized Sweater

While it is tempting to throw on a huge oversized sweater and let the sleeves hang over your hands, I believe this is not a practical option.

I always roll my cuffs to show off an unique item or piece of jewelry, as well as the slender part of my wrist. But, to be honest, it’s primarily so that I can function as a normal human being.

Your oversized sweater, like the blazer, can be belted.

Another interesting tip is to tuck it into the bottom of your bra to make it more cropped but yet loose. Depending on how high you crop it, this will be able to display off whatever you’re wearing on the bottom while still giving you a defined waist.

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If you’re going to wear your sweater entirely untucked, I’d take the same approach as an oversized button-down shirt and wear something slimming and tapered on the bottom.

Another benefit of oversized sweaters is that they are ideal for layering. In fact, they’re perfect for layering two oversized pieces of clothing, such as a button-down and an oversized sweater.

Oversized T-Shirt

These are so simple and adaptable to style that you can even wear them oversized in the cold, thanks to the added volume.

Underneath it, you can stack a lot of different things.

When it comes to oversized t-shirts, though, I like to add a cuff to the sleeve. This, in my opinion, gives the whole affair a more deliberate appearance.

I also like to nod them at the waist to flaunt my shape. However, for a more preppy style, tuck it entirely in.

Oversized Blazer

Oversized blazers are also very easy to come by in vintage and secondhand stores, especially if you look for ones from the 1980s. They’re already a touch boxy.

Otherwise, you can purchase oversized blazers in the men’s area and from most sustainable retailers.

Fit is the most crucial issue when it comes to styling a blazer so that it doesn’t swallow you whole.

It’s critical to ensure that it fits comfortably on your shoulders. I often like to roll up the cuffs of my blazers to show off the long-sleeve shirt I’m wearing underneath or a smart timepiece.

You may also use a belt to give your blazer a great snug waist and highlight your body.

It’s the foundation of what you’re wearing that matters most when it comes to leaving your blazer open.

It should be fitted enough that we can see your figure underneath your blazer even when you’re wearing it.

I would propose wearing a basic outfit with contrasting top and bottom if you want to truly emphasize your waistline while leaving a blazer open.

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Wear a nice fitted monochrome base outfit or even a dress underneath an oversized blazer to really bring the point home, but if you don’t want to draw attention to your waist but still want the oversized look, wearing a nice fitted monochrome foundation clothing or even a dress underneath an oversized blazer can work truly brilliantly.

Oversized Trousers

These could be quite tough to execute.

Two fit points are the most critical part of having an oversized pant that doesn’t make you look like you’re drowning in fabric.

The first is in the area of the waistline. Whether you like high-waisted, mid-waisted, or low-waisted pants, they should nonetheless fit snugly.

The inseam is the second most critical fit component. Many individuals, I’m sure, are racing around with their pants dragging all over the floor and the street.

I’m not sure why you’d want to destroy a pair of pants on purpose, even if you did purchase them secondhand.

Make sure you know what kind of shoes you’ll be wearing with these oversized pants. Also, have the inseam tailored so they don’t get wasted and dragged all over the place.

How to Style Oversized Sweater Blazer

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