How to Style Overalls

How to Style Overalls Women

Overalls, once considered utilitarian workwear, have made a significant comeback as a fashion staple in recent years. Versatile, comfortable, and stylish, overalls can be dressed up or down to suit various occasions and personal styles.

Whether you’re new to wearing overalls or looking for fresh ways to style them, this guide will help you master the art of wearing overalls with confidence and flair.

1. Understanding the Basics: Types of Overalls

Before diving into styling tips, it’s important to know the different types of overalls available:

  • Classic Denim Overalls: The timeless blue denim version that can be found in various washes from light to dark.
  • Short Overalls: Also known as overall shorts, these are perfect for warmer weather and casual outings.
  • Skirt Overalls: A feminine twist on the classic, featuring a skirt instead of pants.
  • Corduroy Overalls: A cozy and textured option, great for fall and winter.
  • Jumpsuit Overalls: One-piece garments that often come in softer fabrics like linen or cotton blends, offering a more sophisticated look.

How to Style Overalls

2. Casual Daytime Looks

For a laid-back, everyday style, denim overalls are a great choice. Here are some easy ways to wear them:

  • T-Shirt and Sneakers: Pair your overalls with a simple, fitted t-shirt and your favorite sneakers. This look is perfect for running errands, meeting friends for coffee, or a casual weekend outing.
  • Tank Top and Sandals: In warmer weather, opt for a tank top underneath your overalls and finish the look with flat sandals or espadrilles.
  • Sweater and Ankle Boots: For cooler days, layer a cozy sweater under your overalls and complete the outfit with ankle boots. A beanie or scarf can add extra warmth and style.

3. Chic and Polished

To elevate your overalls for a more refined appearance, consider these combinations:

  • Button-Up Blouse and Heels: A crisp button-up blouse tucked into your overalls paired with heeled sandals or pumps can transform your look from casual to chic. This outfit works well for brunch, casual Fridays at the office, or dinner dates.
  • Turtleneck and Loafers: A fitted turtleneck provides a sleek silhouette under your overalls. Add loafers or mules for a polished finish.
  • Blazer and Flats: Layer a tailored blazer over a simple top and add flats or low block heels. This ensemble is perfect for a smart-casual look suitable for work or meetings.
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4. Seasonal Styling

Adapting your overalls to the seasons is easy with the right layering and accessories:

  • Spring/Summer: Opt for light-wash denim or short overalls. Pair with crop tops, lightweight blouses, and sandals. Don’t forget a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Fall/Winter: Choose darker denim or corduroy overalls. Layer with turtlenecks, long-sleeve shirts, and chunky knit sweaters. Finish with boots, a beanie, and a statement coat or jacket for warmth.

How to Wear Overalls

5. Accessorizing Your Overalls

Accessories can make a significant difference in your overall look:

  • Belts: Adding a belt can cinch your waist and provide a more defined silhouette.
  • Jewelry: Layering necklaces, wearing statement earrings, or stacking bracelets can add a touch of elegance or edginess to your outfit.
  • Bags: Depending on the occasion, choose between backpacks for a casual look or crossbody bags and clutches for a more polished vibe.
  • Scarves: A patterned scarf can add color and interest, whether worn around the neck, in your hair, or tied to your bag.

6. Styling for Different Body Types

Overalls can be flattering for all body types with a few styling tricks:

  • Petite: Opt for slim-fit overalls and avoid overly baggy styles. High-waisted designs can elongate the legs.
  • Tall: You can rock both fitted and relaxed styles. Play with cropped lengths to showcase your height.
  • Curvy: Choose overalls with a defined waist or add a belt to accentuate your curves. Stretch denim can offer comfort and a great fit.
  • Athletic: Look for overalls with additional detailing like pockets or ruffles to add dimension and shape.

7. Personal Style Expressions

Finally, let your personal style shine through:

  • Boho: Choose distressed overalls, pair with a flowy blouse, and add bohemian accessories like a fringe bag and layered jewelry.
  • Minimalist: Stick to neutral colors and simple designs. Pair with a plain tee, sleek shoes, and minimal jewelry.
  • Edgy: Go for black or dark wash overalls, pair with a graphic tee or leather jacket, and add combat boots or chunky sneakers.
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How to Style Dark Blue Overalls

How to Style Dark Blue Overalls

Dark blue overalls offer a sleek and versatile option that can easily transition from day to night:

  • Daytime Casual: Pair your dark blue overalls with a striped or plain white t-shirt and white sneakers. This creates a fresh, nautical-inspired look that’s perfect for daytime activities.
  • Office Ready: Wear a fitted turtleneck or a blouse underneath your dark blue overalls. Add a blazer and pointed-toe flats or low heels for a sophisticated, work-appropriate outfit.
  • Evening Out: For a night out, choose a silk or satin blouse in a bold color or print to wear under your dark blue overalls. Complete the look with statement earrings and heeled ankle boots or stilettos.

How to Style Overalls for Black Women

How to Style Overalls Black Women

Embrace your unique beauty and personal style with these tips for styling overalls:

  • Bright and Bold: Experiment with vibrant colors and patterns under your overalls. African prints, bright hues, and bold patterns can make your outfit stand out.
  • Statement Accessories: Use headwraps, large hoop earrings, and layered necklaces to add a touch of cultural flair and personality to your look.
  • Natural Beauty: Let your natural hair shine by pairing overalls with styles like afros, braids, or twists. This adds texture and individuality to your overall ensemble.
  • Neutral and Chic: Pair classic blue or black overalls with neutral tops and minimalist accessories for a sophisticated, modern look that highlights your skin tone.

How to Style Overalls for School

How to Style Overalls for School

Overalls are a practical and stylish choice for school. Here’s how to keep your look academic and trendy:

  • Casual Comfort: Wear your overalls with a comfortable graphic tee or a hoodie and sneakers for an effortless, laid-back look that’s perfect for busy school days.
  • Layer Up: Layer a long-sleeve shirt or turtleneck under your overalls and add a denim jacket or cardigan for a cozy, layered outfit ideal for fluctuating classroom temperatures.
  • Backpack Friendly: Choose a stylish backpack that complements your overalls. Neutral colors or classic patterns like plaid can add an academic touch.
  • Accessories: Keep accessories minimal and functional. A watch, simple stud earrings, and a scrunchie or hair clip can add just the right amount of detail without being distracting.
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How to Style Blue Denim Overalls

How to Style Blue Denim Overalls

Blue denim overalls are incredibly versatile and can be styled in numerous ways:

  • Classic Americana: Pair with a white t-shirt and red bandana for a classic, Americana-inspired look. Add white sneakers or cowboy boots to complete the ensemble.
  • Vintage Vibes: Opt for a retro-inspired look with a polka dot blouse or a striped turtleneck underneath your overalls. Add vintage-style loafers or oxfords and cat-eye sunglasses.
  • Modern Minimalist: For a contemporary look, wear a fitted black or white turtleneck under your blue denim overalls. Pair with sleek ankle boots and minimal jewelry.
  • Festival Ready: For a festival or casual outing, wear a crop top or bralette under your overalls. Add chunky jewelry, a wide-brimmed hat, and ankle boots or sandals.


Styling overalls is all about creativity and confidence. With the right combinations, you can make overalls suitable for any occasion and reflect your unique style. Experiment with different tops, shoes, and accessories to find what works best for you. Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression, so have fun and wear your overalls with pride!

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