How to Style Neutral Colors (5 Fashion Tips)

How to Style Neutral Colors

I’ll discuss how I like to style neutrals in this article.

How to create visual interest and keep things extremely fun to wear while still using the basics of neutrals and that really cohesive base.

So let’s get going.

Selecting the Perfect Neutral

Picking your perfect neutral is the first thing I want to cover.

When discussing neutral colors, those are going to be the colors that somewhat blend into the background.

They make the foundation of the majority of your wardrobe. They are things that are incredibly simple to combine.

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White, off-white, camel, and all the many shades of gray, for example. In addition to working with the color black, you can also use the incredibly lovely color blue. Things that will be a mid-tone blue that resembles denim blue. And the navy, which goes without saying.

If you choose the appropriate color for you, those colors can have an impactful affect. There are two ways you should go about doing this.

Try things on and see what makes you feel the way you want to feel as a starting point. Anything that makes you feel alive and in tune with how you want to seem that day.

The type of atmosphere you want your outfit to convey is another thing to think about.

It will be a little bit more serious to choose a darker tone. Going for something lighter will literally make you lighter and make you feel a little bit airier and more breathy.

Since they convey a particular narrative, those kinds of feelings are important when getting dressed.

Going for colors like black, gray, and those lovely blues, like navy, is a really wonderful way to achieve this if the task at hand necessitates being a little bit more serious that day.

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On the other hand, if you want to feel very light and carefree that day, opting for items in white, off-white, some lovely light taupes, and camels will be great choices.

Building your outfits by utilizing one versus the other is quite important.

The most important thing to remember is to use neutrals the way you want them to that day.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a different way to style neutrals that will make them much more noticeable and allow them to truly work hard for you in generating interest in your outfit.

Working with a light and a dark color, then pairing them together, is known as color blocking.

This allows us a lot of creativity and freedom. But pairing black and white together is by far the most straightforward way to color block.

Since they are at different extremes of the spectrum, they naturally create contrast and make aesthetic interest to your outfit.

It’s one of my favorite outfit combinations since it serves as a great foundation for a variety of accessories, makeup looks, and hairstyles.

Because your outfit is doing so much of the work for you on its own, you have a lot of freedom in every other area and can go all out or very minimally as a result.

Go Unexpected

Going for something a little bit unexpected is another way I like to style neutrals.

You’re still using a neutral color scheme, but you might go for a print or pattern instead. Something with great texture, perhaps a touch oversized or little cropped. Something a little bit unexpected.

At their core, neutrals are incredibly reliable. They are things that we frequently encounter and are extremely conventional.

By going something a little unusual, you enable them to stick out, create a lot of visual intrigue, and showcase your unique sense of style.

I’m becoming more interested in this since for so long, I stuck with relatively conventional fits, cuts, and styles.

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But now that I’ve started exploring and spreading out, I’m letting those neutral colors work in my closet and build my palette. However, create some interest because the cut is different from what I would have chosen in the past.

Because all the colors complement one another, it’s a very liberated way to get dressed and gives you a lot of mixing and matching options. However, you’re still creating unique and special things, and that’s when personal style starts to be a bit of fun.

Add a Pop of Color

A pop of color is another way I prefer to style neutrals.

You can start expanding your color scheme with accent colors because neutrals will provide that lovely foundation in your closet.

Including those pops in your outfit is a great way to start differentiating your particular style.

You can start incorporating a color into your neutral base after you discover one that really appeals to you and can become a part of your signature. And pull on that whenever you want to experience that feeling.

You love that color because it makes you feel vivacious, awake, and alive. Your secret weapon for getting dressed will be to tap into that on any given day.

I’ve been really enjoying it because neutrals are such an easy starting place, and if you start to feel courageous enough to integrate some color, having that neutral base is going to create the perfect base to allow you to truly have some fun.

Style Things Up

Last but not least is to ensure that you’re styling things up.

This is something you should keep in mind whenever you are getting dressed, but it is especially important when you are working with neutrals and things that feel very traditional, very conservative, and extremely reliable.

This is going to be your fun to really enjoy yourself and let your creativity shine.

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Taking a simple top and wearing it simply will communicate one story. Alternatively, if you take the same top and tuck it in, wear a great belt, add some jewelry, switch up your hairstyle, and add great accessories, you will look much better.

These are essentially the means via which you allow your particular style to emerge. But you should also make your clothes quite diverse.

By styling it differently and accessorizing it with other pieces, you may wear a single top in a variety of ways.

So enjoy yourself.

Change your hairdo, change your jewelry, have your things hemmed, have your things tucked in, roll your sleeves up, push them up, reach for a different bag on different days, and play with your shoes.

All of that will be such a great opportunity to truly be in tune with what you like while also adding a lot of visual interest to your neutral clothing.

Because you can alter your styling to fit completely different moods each day.

I sincerely hope you find these suggestions useful.

I think implementing some of these things is a very great way to keep oneself from feeling stuck or stagnant and surely never feeling bored if neutrals make up a significant portion of your wardrobe.

And instead making use of neutrals because of the dependability that we love in them.

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