How to Style Blazers For Women, Casual Looks

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How to Style Blazers For Women, Casual

This video is about how to style blazers casually. The video features Emily Wheatley, a fashion stylist, discussing different ways to style blazers in a more casual, everyday way.

Emily Wheatley starts the video by expressing her love for blazers and how they can be translated into different styles. She mentions that blazers are a timeless piece and can bring contrast to edgier styles.

The video then moves on to discuss different ways to style blazers in a casual way. Emily suggests bringing in a simple contrast to a blazer with a t-shirt and making it more casual or edgier with a graphic t-shirt. She then discusses pairing blazers with jeans, which can bring in a sexy or edgy mood depending on the style of jeans.

Next, Emily talks about pairing blazers with loungewear, which is the furthest end of the spectrum from blazers. She says that this contrast is great for everyday wear and is trendy in a good way. Emily also suggests pairing an oversized blazer with leggings for a chic, elevated look.

Throughout the video, Emily emphasizes the importance of balancing out the scales of an outfit by bringing in contrast with blazers. She also suggests playing around with different styles and experimenting to find what works best for you.

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