How to Style a Polo Shirt For Women

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How to Style a Polo Shirt For Women

In this video, the presenter shares different ways to style a basic polo top for summertime.

She explains that polo tops are often seen as basic, and women may feel limited in their styling options.

However, she demonstrates that with a few simple style tips, a polo top can look sophisticated and chic.

She showcases three different polo shirts, each in a different color, and demonstrates how to style them in various ways. For example, she shows how to elevate a basic polo top by adding a rope-style belt or a silk scarf.

She also suggests pairing a polo top with a vintage bag or wearing it with wide-leg trousers.

Throughout the video, the presenter provides helpful tips on how to accessorize and add pops of color to outfits, including color blocking and wearing printed pants.

She also shares specific details about each outfit, such as the types of shoes and jewelry she is wearing.

Overall, the video is designed to provide inspiration and ideas for women who want to elevate their style and make the most out of their polo tops.

The next video is a follow-up to a previous video on the same topic. The host, begins by addressing the concerns of men who may be unsure of how to wear polo shirts, suggesting that they leave the top button open and the second button closed, and optionally pop the collar.

The majority of the video is focused on women’s fashion, and the host showcases various ways to style polo shirts with different pieces of clothing. She emphasizes the importance of sustainable fashion and making the most of what you already have.

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Throughout the video, the host uses three different colored polo shirts: green, purple, and yellow. She demonstrates how to pair these shirts with different skirts, pants, and shorts, and adds accessories such as belts, shoes, and bags to complete the outfits.

The first outfit she showcases is a colorful and cheerful summer dressier outfit featuring a vintage 1960s linen skirt paired with a purple polo shirt, a vintage belt, and a block heel shoe.

Next, she styles the purple polo shirt with a pair of white wide-leg linen pants, a raffia belt, a crossbody bag, and a pair of tie-dye espadrille shoes, creating a more casual summer outfit.

The host then shows how to wear a polo top on a cruise or a boat dock, by pairing a leopard print wrap skirt with a black strappy heel, a fun hat, and sunglasses, creating a chic and put-together outfit.

Moving on to the yellow polo shirt, the host demonstrates how to create a casual yet elevated tennis-style outfit by pairing it with a white denim mini skirt, a flat espadrille shoe, a wooden necklace, and gold hoop earrings.

Finally, she showcases a high-waisted linen short with a belt and a pair of white sneakers, creating a comfortable yet stylish summer outfit.

Overall, the video provides viewers with practical and creative ideas on how to style polo shirts in different ways for various occasions, while also promoting sustainable fashion.

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