How to Style a Long Blazer

How to Style a Long Blazer

In this video, the speaker discusses how to style long blazers in a flattering way. She begins by addressing the common misconception that long blazers don’t look good on everyone and explains that the issue is often due to styling.

She offers several tips for styling long blazers, including avoiding wearing long bottoms with them as this can make the torso look longer and the legs shorter, which is especially problematic for shorter individuals.

Instead, she suggests pairing long blazers with shorter skirts or shorts to draw attention to the legs and create a more balanced look.

For office settings, she recommends longer skirts or high-waisted pants but advises against going too long, as this can throw off body proportions.

She also emphasizes the importance of tucking in tops when wearing longer blazers and highlights the benefits of wearing high-waisted bottoms that contrast with the top to draw attention to the waistline and elongate the legs.

She also discusses the importance of sleeve length and suggests opting for three-quarter sleeves to ensure a proper fit.

Finally, she offers tips for styling double-breasted blazers, which can be tricky due to their tendency to widen the torso. She recommends pairing them with shorter skirts or leaving the bottoms of pants unbuttoned to avoid emphasizing the width of the torso.

Throughout the video, the presenter provides visuals to demonstrate her styling tips and offers examples of outfits that work well with long blazers.

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