How to Not Look Fat in Clothes, For Guys

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How to Not Look Fat in Clothes

In this article I’m going to talk about how to not look fat in clothes, how to dress to not look fat.

Avoid Horizontal Lines

You will appear heavier if you wear clothing that makes you look wider. This is one of the major errors that a lot of heavier guys make.

Wearing a t-shirt with horizontal lines is not advantageous. If you’re wearing dark trousers and a light colored shirt, the contrast will highlight your waist. By wearing a belt that contrasts with the outfit, you further emphasize it.

Instead, consider how you might benefit from that solution. Perhaps a shirt with vertical lines that direct the eyes up and down might be helpful.

Another option is to choose a pinstripe suit if you usually wear suits. This will give the appearance that you are slimmer than you actually are by forcing the eyes to move up and down.

Lengthen the Leg Line

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Wearing a belt that complements the hue of your pants is among the simplest.

Another option is to acknowledge that belts are not a good fit for your body type and instead opt to wear suspenders.

Suspender-compatible pants will be somewhat higher-waisted, which is great since it will lengthen your leg line, make you look taller, and make you appear slimmer.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

Even if you believe the shirt you’re wearing fits, when it’s too tight, you start to notice a little stretch in and around the buttoned area. Or perhaps you used to be able to fit into those jeans, but you can now hardly get them on.

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They’re going to feel uneasy. You won’t feel confident wearing them, and they just don’t look great.

Fit is king for bigger guys. Seriously, you need to understand this and do it correctly.

Avoid T-shirts & Shorts

Having said that, there are some clothing pieces that truly don’t complement a heavier build, even if the fit is perfect. We’re talking about t-shirts and other types of shirts with short sleeves in general here.

I actually prefer it when a bigger, heavier guy rolls up his sleeves on a long-sleeved shirt that he’s going to wear most of the time untucked. Overall, it appears better.

Additionally, you should stay away from cargo shorts.

The use of thinner layers is going to be to your advantage. Layers that are thinner will fit the body more comfortably.

Use Stretch Fabrics

One major error I frequently observe among big guys is their ignorance of the many types of material you can use. You should look for items that include approximately 5 percent stretch material.

Why? Simply put, it will be more comfortable. You’ll frequently discover that they are a little bit less expensive and that it will fit your body better.

When you have that slight stretch, especially in the problem areas, that will fit you much better. In comparison to a non-stretch material, it fits you there a little bit better when it stretches. That may make a significant difference in some cases, particularly with shirts.

Facial Hair

The next mistake that a lot of overweight guys make is to ignore their facial hair. Consider growing a beard if you are struggling with a double chin.

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But you want to grow a well trimmed beard, not just any beard. You shouldn’t grow a full neck beard.

This beard is going to do two things for you: first, it is going to hide the fact that you have a little bit of additional weight on your neck, and second, it is going to lengthen the profile of your face.

A heavier man frequently has a rounder face. This will help lengthen the face and generally make you appear thinner.

Also, pay attention to how you style your hair. Even if you don’t wish to grow a beard and don’t have a double chin, you still have a round face. Have your hair raised a bit more.

I would advise bringing some headwear if you are balding. Look at other options, such as the homburg or pork pie, if you are hesitant to wear a fedora. You could even don a stylish baseball cap.

Don’t forget to cover your head. Why? Because a man is viewed as being two to three inches taller when wearing a hat.

Wear The Right Type of Jacket

Jackets might help you develop your shoulders and slim down your waist. They merely give the hands a bigger appearance. All of these jackets—sports jackets, blazer jackets, jean jackets, leather jackets, and suede jackets—are great choices.

Heavier men should choose clothing that is thinner and lighter in weight. Choose a garment that extends a little bit further and covers the buttocks.

This will lengthen and conceal that small amount of additional weight in the midsection.

I’ll be honest, a jacket won’t really slim you down if you’re a really huge guy, but it will make you look more square. A squared shape is preferable to a round one. It will always give you the appearance of being taller and better.

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Correct Accessories

The following mistake is minor, yet it adds up. That is wearing on out-of-size jewelry and accessories. They are improperly proportioned.

You should look for accessories that are made larger when buying accessories for a bigger, heavier male.

Sunglasses are available in a wide range of forms and sizes. Choose ones that will be proportionate to the size of your head. Exactly the same applies to watches and all other accessories. Make sure they are the appropriate size.

Buy Several Pairs

The major mistake a lot of big guys make is that they just buy one item when they find something that fits them well off the rack.

If you find some jeans that fit you well despite the fact that you are a hard-to-fit guy, you should buy several pairs.

These have to be fundamental items that you may wear repeatedly.

If you have discovered something and have worn it three or four times in the past couple of weeks, you should probably go and buy up another or maybe even a few more of the same thing.

The takeaway is to save time when you find something that fits, especially if you’re a hard-to-fit guy.

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