How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

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How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Here I’m going to be sharing with you my 10 styling tips on how to make cheap clothes look expensive.

You may style your garments in a variety of ways to make them appear more sophisticated and incredibly pricey.

I’m going to show you some of my favorite ways to style clothes to make them look even more polished and beautiful.

Let’s get started.

Flattering Shape

The first stylistic tip I’d like to share with you to make inexpensive clothing appear more costly is to seek out items with a flattering shape. This will highlight your best features and make you appear and feel your best.

My waist and legs are two of my favorite physical features to draw attention to. So any piece of clothing that draws attention away from the parts of my body that I’m not so fond of will also draw attention to the parts of my body that I’m fond of.

In my opinion, if you feel confident in what you’re wearing and it’s extremely flattering on you, it will appear to be much more expensive.


Ruffles are a feature that I like to look for in clothing that makes it appear more expensive.

Ruffles, in my opinion, provide a lot of intriguing texture and volume to an outfit, and there are so many ways to experiment with them.

Ruffles also tend to make any cloth look a lot more luxurious. It also gives the fabric a lot of lovely movement.

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When pieces have a lot of movement to them, I believe they appear to be more pricey.


Another of my styling suggestions is to maintain a sense of balance. You should never expose too much skin.

I believe that exposing one’s skin cheapens an appearance.

That could simply be my opinion, and it may or may not be shared by others. But that’s how I feel about certain looks personally.

As a result, I’m always on the lookout for a good balance.

If I’m going to wear long sleeves on top, I’ll go for a shorter hem to balance things out. If I’m wearing a longer hem on the bottom, I’ll wear a shorter sleeve on top to balance things out.

Alternatively, a crop top could be worn to add some contrast.

Whatever outfit you’re wearing will always seem chic and classy if it’s balanced.

Mixed Textures

Mixing textures is one of my favorite styling tricks for making any outfit look a lot more expensive.

Fake leather with tweed, faux leather with lace, or a puffy cardigan with broderie anglaise are some of my favorite combinations.

There are so many various textures you can combine to create a really fascinating design, and it will make your clothing look a lot more expensive overall.



Throwing a brooch on pretty much anything you’re wearing is one of my incredibly easy, basic, and quick fashion ideas for making it look a lot more costly.

I have a Chanel brooch that I wear all of the time. I wore it with sweaters, jackets, blazers, hats, and belts.

You can wear a brooch like this in so many different ways.

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It instantly elevates anything I’m wearing to a higher level of quality.

Luxe Leather

Mixing delicate fabrics with luxury leathers is one of my all-time favorite fashion tricks.

In general, luxe leather accessories make everything look more costly, but I love the contrast of luxe leather with delicate materials like lace or broderie anglaise.

It looks pretty cool, and it definitely improves the aesthetic, making it appear more polished, elegant, and expensive.

Pointy-toe Shoes

I’m a huge shoe fanatic, and I adore my pointy-toe shoes.

I’m quite sure pointy-toe shoes make up the majority of my footwear collection.

They not only elongate the leg and appear incredibly polished and chic, but they also give any look a very sophisticated vibe, even if you’re just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, they definitely make anything you’re wearing look a lot more costly.

All-black Accessories

Another stylistic tip I’d like to offer with you is to use all-black accessories to make anything look more costly.

Whatever you’re wearing will look better if you add some black accessories to it, such as a black pair of sunglasses, a black handbag, or a pair of black shoes or boots.

Even if you’re wearing all white, it truly grounds the look and makes it look very sophisticated.

Waist Belt

Another one of my favorite tips is to utilize a waist belt to give your outfit more shape.

When something is more fitting and more of your silhouette is visible, it naturally gives whatever you’re wearing more shape and makes it look a lot more attractive and chic.

Wide waist belts go with everything in my closet, from high waisted skirts to dresses to oversized blazers.

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They also add a more feminine touch to an outfit, and it’s a fairly simple and economical method to truly boost your style.

High Waist

Last but not least, I swear by only shopping for high-waisted bottoms.

Back in the day, I was all about the low-rise, from jeans to skirts to shorts, everything was low-rise.

Everything nowadays is high-waisted. It just appears a lot more refined, a lot more stylish in my opinion.

Because you can tuck sweaters, t-shirts, and virtually anything into your high-waisted bottoms, it’s a lot more versatile.

I’m quite sure I don’t own any low-rise jeans, or any low-rise clothing, for that matter.

Not only does it appear to be much more expensive, but it is also quite flattering on almost every body type.



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