How to Make a Skirt From Jeans

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How to Make a Skirt From Jeans

This video is a DIY tutorial on how to turn an old pair of jeans into a maxi denim skirt.

The creator starts the process by using a seam ripper to remove the seams on the inside of the leg. She notes that scissors can also be used instead of a seam ripper if preferred. She then opens up the front of the jeans from the crop to just below the fly, leaving the zipper fly intact. Next, the back crotch is removed all the way up to the waist.

The creator explains that this technique can be applied to any pair of pants to create a skirt, and it is also a good way to repurpose jeans that no longer fit. She removes the belt loop from the back and partially removes the waistband, leaving a few inches on each side. She recommends saving the belt loop to reattach it later.

The waistband is cut in the middle, and the creator lays the jeans on top of each other, right sides together. She removes less than an inch from the waist, ensuring that the jeans are lined up straight and the stitches are aligned. She then removes the back crotch to create the skirt.

Using a denim needle, the creator sews the jeans together with a straight stitch from bottom to top or top to bottom. She suggests finishing off the seams inside the skirt with a matching denim thread, or using the thread removed from the inner leg.

After finishing off the seams, the creator reattaches the waistband and belt loop. She removes the same amount of waistband as was removed from the pants to ensure that the waistband lines up evenly. She pins the waistband right sides together and sews a straight stitch. She also reattaches the belt loop before top-stitching over the original stitches to secure the waistband.

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Lastly, the creator works on the front of the skirt, using the original front crotch to lay over the other side and figuring out how she wants it to fit. She stitches over the original stitches in the front to finish the skirt. She shows off the finished product and mentions that she has made it in black as well.


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