How to Look Good in Red (4 Ways)

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How to Look Good in Red

This article discusses red, one of the most popular colors during the fall.

Here you will find out how to style red outfits.

I’m going to give you four examples of how you can wear and combine red.

Personally, I enjoy red. It’s one of the few colors that I occasionally allow into my otherwise pretty neutral and minimal wardrobe since I find it’s a very classic color.

We all pretty much know how to use any color, like red, as an accent color with more neutral clothes. For instance, using it as a red lipstick, red nail polish, a red bag, or a pair of red shoes. Or simply wearing it with neutrals like an item of clothing.

But it can also look amazing when combined with other colors. So that’s what I’ll be discussing here.

In spite of the fact that I hold the belief that rules are meant to be disobeyed, I am going to use a color wheel.

This is a tool that I always use when working with color combinations because it’s a quick and easy way to determine which colors go well together.

When working with a color wheel, it’s important to bear in mind that all of the cool colors are located on one side while all of the warm colors are located on the other.

As a general rule, warm and cool colors go nicely together almost all the time.

But once more, rules are meant to be broken. It’s possible that combining a cool color with a warm color can result in an even more stunning appearance at times.

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Therefore, experiment with it and have fun.

Having said all of that, let’s have a look at four distinct ways that you can combine and wear the color red.


To begin, I would want to discuss the use of the color red in conjunction with the monochromatic color rule. It means using any red tone or shade in combination with red as the primary color to combine a cohesive look.

This creates a gorgeous and extremely harmonious combination, depending on how many colors you decide to use in this outfit.

A primary red, such as a deep, rich red, looks good with any color, from a soft pink to a deep burgundy.

Pale pink and burgundy are both derived from red, which is why they work so well together.

If you are a very colorful person and enjoy experimenting with head-to-toe bright clothing, you can wear a full color look.

Alternately, you may combine two distinct colors and pair them with a more neutral look. Pairing a primary red with a pale pink and then keeping the rest of the look neutral will also look quite nice if you prefer to reduce the number of colors in your clothing to a minimum.

It depends on your personal style preferences and how bold you want to look.


In the second example, I wanted to delve deeper into the analogous color rule.

This means that you should pair red with any color that is positioned closely to red on the color wheel.

I selected red in this instance along with orange and yellow since I wanted to stick with the warm side of the color wheel.

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To ensure that the outfit and the combination are still harmonious, a good rule of thumb when using the analogous color rule is to pair at least two different colors together but no more than five.

I constantly consider pairing a deeper or richer color with lighter, paler colors. Adding some contrast to a look works pretty well.

I decided to keep the jumper in a primary red color and then chose a more light version of orange and yellow. Really tints of orange and yellow.

To make that the look is really harmonious and looks nice when paired together, I kept the boots in an orange shade, a deeper, darker type of orange.


Next, I wanted to share some ideas for pairing red with green, which is red’s complementary color.

The color red is located on one side of the color wheel, and the color green may be found directly across from it. The complementary color.

I chose red to be bold and bright because this article is all about the color red, and then I went with a green tint.

As I’ve already said, I believe it always works great when one color is kept bright and bold while the other is chosen to be a little more light.

Even though you’ve paired two colors together, I think this outfit is quite wearable. For the minimal and quite simple me, I would still be able to wear something like this.

As an Accent

Last but not least, I wanted to offer some ideas for using red as an accent color.

It’s quite simple to add color to any neutral outfit, so I’d call this the simple solution.

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If you prefer more neutral-colored clothing in general, this could be something to check out if you occasionally want to add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

You don’t really need to consider what colors go well together in this situation.

Most of the time, pairing black, white, grey, or beige with any pop of color will work.

There you have it. Four different color rules in four different ways you can wear and combine the color red.

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