How to Look Good in Dresses (7 Tips)

How to Look Good in Dresses

Here I’m talking about how to look good in dresses.

Over the years, I’ve picked up some tricks and ideas on how to choose dresses that don’t make us look frumpy and that flatter our body shapes.

In this article, I’m going to reveal seven of my secrets to you.

Show Some Skin

The first piece of advice for avoiding the frumpy dress look is to expose some skin.

If I’m wearing a dress that is mostly covered up on top, perhaps with some long sleeves and a looser fit, I prefer for that dress to be a little bit shorter, just above the knee, to show a little bit of leg.

This actually helps to break things up a little bit, elongate the body, and prevents the flowy frumpiness of the dress from overwhelming me.

On the other hand, if I’m wearing a midi or maxi dress, I prefer to wear it off the shoulder or with a deeper v-neck style. Maybe show a little bit of arm.

By exposing a small amount of skin at the top, it balances out all the coverage on the dress’s lower half. Adding just a touch of sex appeal will prevent the dress from looking overly overwhelming and frumpy.

No Distracting Details

Avoiding distracting details is a great way to avoid looking frumpy in dresses.

This might include anything from a dress with puffy sleeves to one with excessive ruffles or even tiers.

Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely adore some of these dress-specific details, but you have to be very careful and deliberate about where you put them.

When you have excessive ruffling, for example, that will only serve to draw attention to that particular area of your body, thereby enlarging it.

You shouldn’t add details with numerous tiers or extensive ruffling to your lower half if you have a trouble area there.

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The better choice is to use a very small, delicate ruffle design on your upper body.

You can avoid looking frumpy in a dress by ensuring that all of those details are balanced and that none of them are overdone.

Wear Slim Shoes

Choosing a shoe with a slim profile is another method I look good in dresses.

When I’m looking for shoes to go with my dresses, I want to have a wide variety of options—from sandals to sneakers, and even mules.

But I really prefer to chose very slim-profile shoes over shoes that are huge and overwhelming.

If I were shopping for sneakers, I would steer clear of those that had an athletic appearance and were particularly thick and heavy.

And choose a white leather sneaker with a slim profile. With these casual dresses, it goes extremely well because it is so feminine and delicate.

I’m going to steer clear of those bulky, clunky, heavy sandals when shopping.

I’m going to choose something softer and more feminine, perhaps with some thin straps and feminine details.

That really evens out the dress and prevents it from looking disproportionate and unflattering.

Add a Belt

You might believe that wearing really form-fitting dresses is the only method to avoid looking chubby while wearing a dress, but that is untrue.

By simply adding a belt, you can totally sport flowy dresses.

You can instantly give your figure an hourglass shape by adding a belt to a flowy or loose-fitting dress.

Your waistline will be highlighted by the belt, which will significantly help define that area.

There are some dresses that come along with a belt. If it doesn’t, try your best to select a belt that really enhances the dress.

If the dress is intended for an office eye, you can purchase one of those smaller, slimmer belts to help draw attention to your waistline.

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Alternately, you could get one of these woven belts for a dress that is more appropriate for spring or summer and has a bohemian look.

Very vivid and brightly colored dresses, especially those with belts, will undoubtedly draw more attention than ones that blend in.

Pay Attention to Prints

Pay attention to prints as the following fashion advice for dresses.

There are a ton of gorgeous prints available, but you must be very careful while selecting them.

Keep in mind that things will appear larger if the print is larger. The smaller the print, the more it will make the eye in, which will cause objects to appear to be smaller than they actually are.

When selecting a dress, consider where the print is placed and whether you want to draw attention to or minimize that area.

Consider fashion trends as well when choosing prints. Some prints can sometimes appear a little outdated. You don’t want your dress to look like someone’s old drapes or couch.

Because your dress is a one-piece garment, you really want it to be the best print for you. Pay close attention to whether the print is contemporary and new and will flatter you from head to toe.

Add a Jacket

A great method to look less frumpy in a dress is to add a jacket. It can be beneficial for two reasons.

One of them could be to conceal any sort of trouble areas you may have. You could feel a little self-conscious about the size of your arms or perhaps your midsection.

You can definitely cover up such regions of your upper body by adding a jacket.

Or you can be someone who has a somewhat larger chest and finds wearing dresses with spaghetti straps unpleasant. You can still wear the dress and feel at ease with it by adding a jacket.

Another benefit is that it will support efforts to define the waist. You can wear a short, cropped jacket or even a longer, roomier jacket like a boyfriend or a trucker jacket depending on your body type and size.

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Wearing a jacket is undoubtedly a simple way to look more laid-back, younger, and less frumpy in a dress.

Add Some Height

Last but not least, add some height to look good in dresses.

I am aware that some of you may not feel entirely at ease wearing stiletto heels, but that’s okay.

Because espadrille wedges or block heels are some of the best heels to add to dresses, especially for spring and summer, they may be quite comfortable while still giving you the height you’re looking for.

When you wear heels with a dress, not only are you helping to elongate your body, but you are also assisting in making the dress appear to be less frumpy. You add the look a tiny bit of sex appeal.

This is going to be especially effective if you are wearing a mini or maxi dress.

A wedge or a block heel will completely change the game if you’re wearing a dress that is really flowy, perhaps lacks a lot of shape, but is a little bit shorter.

It’s really only going to add that extra little touch you need to prevent that dress from looking too dowdy and more like pajamas.

Look Good in a Dress


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