How to Look Classy, Dressy & Elegant in Jeans

How to Look Classy, Dressy in Jeans

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Here, I talk about jeans, one of my favorite topics, but I’m taking it a step further.

I’m talking about how to make your jeans look more classy, dressy and elegant. How to dress more nicely and sartorially when wearing jeans.

For those of you who work in a business casual office, this will be ideal. Even if you are able to wear jeans, you might want them to look a little more sophisticated.

I can truly help you make those jeans outfits look great for a night out or the office because I have so many great tips and ideas. Taking it up and giving it a more dressy and elegant look.

Stay Away From Distressing

The first tip should be obvious: avoid distressing or raw hems.

I like distressing, but if I want to look more upscale and expensive, I’ll skip the distressing and the raw hem since they give you a much more casual appearance.

Simply choose traditional jeans with a perfect hem, no distressing at all, and great, clean lines if you want to look dressy.

I naturally drift away from my distressed denim and wear denim that doesn’t have any of those little bells and whistles when I want to go for a more elegant look, something that gives me a little classier, high-end type of feel.

You want an outfit that appears far more refined when you want to project an expensive, elegant vibe. Distressing doesn’t give that impression.

Darker Wash Jeans

Choosing a darker wash of jeans is the next tip I like to employ to make my jeans look a little more expensive.

It makes sense that this would be the case. Jeans with a lighter wash provide a more relaxed vibe. There will be some medium wash that veers toward a darker wash for a somewhat more classic look.

But wearing those dark wash jeans is a really lengthening look. Additionally, it conceals rather than reveals the jeans’ true fabric.

The feeling of a higher end product may be slightly enhanced if they have a little more stretch.

You’re most likely styling it with darker colors when you’re wearing darker jeans. It has a slightly fancier, more traditional appearance.

It appears slightly more acceptable than a light wash pair of jeans when you’re going out in the evening.

You get that bleached out, faded look with faded denim, which is obviously going to look more laid back and less expensive.

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It makes logical that choosing this darker wash will give you a more refined, elegant, and classy appearance.

Pair With Natural Fabrics

The following piece of tip is all about what you wear with your jeans. It has to do with your tops.

You will appear more expensive if you use fabrics that are natural or of the highest quality.

If you think about fabrics like silk, satin, linen, or cashmere, those fabrics definitely look to be more expensive, polished, and sophisticated. They’ll significantly improve the appearance of your top and jeans ensemble.

You will always appear slightly richer and more expensive thanks to them. It makes sense because these fabrics are going to be a little bit more expensive.

Because they are more expensive, the fabric will be of better quality. It will elevate the entire look if pair those with a classic pair of jeans.

Wear on a Blazer

By styling my basic jeans with a blazer, I can elevate denim, which is definitely my go-to trick.

I always feel wearing a blazer makes me look a little bit more stylish and upscale. The structure of a blazer on top instantly elevates and modernizes that ensemble.

Every woman’s body shape may really benefit from blazers because they come in so many various styles, whether you’re going for a baggier or a more fitted one.

One of my favorite techniques for appearing more put together, elegant, stylish, and sophisticated is undoubtedly this one.

A fantastic blazer transforms a pair of jeans.

Wear High Heels

I think one of my least-used advice is this one,  but unquestionably a very nice one. That would be adding high heels with your jeans.

You’ll unquestionably appear more upscale, trendy, glamorous, and expensive as a result.

High heels and a great pair of jeans look so put together and polished.

It lengthens the leg and adds a touch of elegance and refinement to it, giving you a dressier appearance that will make you appear more expensive.

You won’t be using this advice on a daily basis. But wearing a great pair of heels will truly make your jeans look sophisticated if you’re going for that look.

Your legs will look attractively long and lean. You’ll look and feel like a million bucks if you wear that dark wash color with a blazer on top.

Style With a Structured Bag

Using a structured bag to accessorize your jeans is a great additional styling tip.

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A structured bag achieves the same thing as styling it with a structured blazer in terms of elevating your appearance. It’s because it elevates this really traditional, casual style of pant.

When you combine the two, the overall ensemble is elevated into a more fashionable, svelte, and sophisticated look.

There’s something about that structured bag that, when you wear it in the crook of your arm and go about your business, will naturally make you appear more put together, sophisticated, and expensive.

It is unmistakably a more dressed-up and classy look than a casual one.

It’s unquestionably one that looks great when you add the dark denim or blazer with the high heel.

When you combine all of things, you’ll unquestionably appear quite dressy.

Add on a Belt

A belt is a fantastic additional accessory to complete your denim outfit.

Not just any belt will do.

I’m talking about wearing a high-quality leather belt with a somewhat slimmer look. Something that doesn’t have a lot of buckles, ornaments, studs, or large logos on it.

You don’t want your belt to be the main focus of your outfit. The result is a more casual look.

We’re looking for something incredibly sophisticated and sleek. Those really classic belts with not much going on. That certainly helps to bring this outfit together.

It will really pull everything together and enhance and elevate those jeans if you wear a great pair of dark wash jeans with a gorgeous sleek leather belt and a nice blazer.

Pay attention to color as well.

The more colorful belts should be avoided, and neutral belts should be worn instead. That can be a gorgeous taupe, cognac, or even a great black belt.

Without taking away from your outfit, all of those will truly pair really well with it. And raise the dressy vibe considerably.

Wear Classic Jewelry

You should pay attention to your accessories, just like you would with any other outfit.

When wearing jeans, having extremely simple yet elegant jewelry is a great way to style your outfit.

I would advise wearing little studded earrings. You might also wear modest hoops, a fairly conventional necklace without a long pendant, or particular colorful jewelry.

Stick to conventional metals, such as gold or silver, or even a combination of metals. They have a timeless appearance, yet with an elevated feel.

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Pay Attention to Fit

This following tip is all about the fit of your jeans and how they work for your body.

Avoid styles that are very baggy because they will make you appear more casual and you want to look more expensive.

You’ll want to pick jeans that complement your body type well. That can be any type of jean, including straight-leg, boot-cut, flared, and even skinny.

But pay close attention to how it fits you the best. You want to make sure that is a little more tailored to your frame.

A fitted pair of jeans will do wonders for your figure and give you the polished appearance you desire.

It will certainly cheapen the look of your outfit if you are going something that is too big or a pair of jeans that are too tight.

The same thing can be said regarding the situation in which the hem is not the perfect length for you.

Tuck Your Top In

The easiest tip I can give you is this final piece of advice. Simply tuck your top in if you want to dress up your jeans and top outfit.

It gives off a very casual feel when you wear an untucked shirt. Additionally, it can occasionally have a slightly sloppier appearance.

You can perform a front-only tuck or a full tuck, whichever you like. It’ll add some shape in the waist area. It’ll also polish the look.

I know some of you ladies are a little bit against the tuck, but I swear, if you want to elevate that look, tuck in your top.

If you do nothing else, make sure that your top is tuck in. It will genuinely assist you in achieving a more refined and elegant appearance.

How to Look Elegant in Jeans

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