How to Find Jeans For Your Body Type

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How to Find Jeans For Your Body Type

In this video, the speaker provides tips on how to find the right pair of jeans based on your body type.

The speaker mentions that if you have tried on several pairs of jeans that don’t fit, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your figure. Instead, it simply means that you haven’t found the right model for your body type.

The speaker then discusses the nine key silhouettes for jeans, which include straight fit, slim fit, skinny fit, boyfriend jeans, mom’s fit, wide-leg jeans, boot cut, flared or bell-bottom, and tapered fit.
The speaker explains the differences between each silhouette and provides tips on which one is best for different body types.

For curvier women with wider hips and slightly heavier bottom legs, the speaker recommends boot cut jeans with medium or high-rise and stretchy denim.

The speaker also suggests wearing at least a medium heel underneath to achieve an elongating effect and avoiding crop models in boot cut as they may create the opposite effect.

For women with an athletic body type with narrow hips and slim legs, the speaker recommends slim fit jeans to accentuate their slim legs and achieve a more athletic silhouette.

Alternatively, mom’s jeans or wide-leg jeans can add curves to the bottom and create a more voluminous effect.

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