How to Find a Cap That Fits You

How to Find a Cap That Fits You

Are you one of those people who wants to start wearing caps but isn’t sure which cap to choose?

Or, have you tried on a variety of caps but none of them seem to fit you?

This article is for you if you said yes to either of those questions.

There are many various sizes and forms available for caps. So it can be really difficult to choose the ideal one for you.

Some people are really fortunate. Whatever cap they decide to wear, it seems to suit them.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people, so I have to be very selective about the hats I wear. In my opinion, caps are an incredibly useful item.

They have the ability to significantly make the interest look of a fairly plain or monotonous look. A cap can easily make or break an outfit, despite the fact that it can also make it.

It’s important to get it right.

I’ll go over all the various cap designs so we can choose which one is ideal for you.

Let’s get into the caps.

Low Profile Cap

The low profile cap is the first cap we’re going to talk.

Typically, a low profile cap has a crown height of three inches or less. Typically, these caps have a pre-curved peak, rim, or whatever name you want.

When you’re wearing them, they sit really close to your head. These types of caps are currently quite in demand, making them very simple to find. Most retailers carry these.

These caps are available in two major styles: structured and unstructured.


First, let’s talk unstructured.

When you pull an unstructured hat off your head, it loses all shape, making it easy to identify. The material doesn’t stand up.

A good example of this is the dad hat, which you’ve all probably heard of by now. This might be the hat for you if you’re a dad, you simply want to dress like a dad, or you enjoy wearing your new sneakers.

An unstructured hat has the bit of being able to withstand some little damage. Because they don’t have any shape, you may throw them around and play sports in them. They also don’t lose their shape with time. They’ll be fine doing whatever you like to do.

Although these are not my preferred cap style, most people can pull them. This could be a wonderful option for you if your head is smaller.

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These hats sit close to your head, so you don’t appear to have a hat on your head that is swallowing your head. I can’t explain it any better than that. I think you get the picture. They don’t look like engulfing your head.


The structured cap is the following cap style that we have.

This cap has the same design as the one before it, but as its name implies, it has structure.

These caps have a stiffer crown and retain their shape when you take them off your head and lay them down. That’s the easiest way to tell.

Due to its smoother finish and slightly cleaner appearance when worn, some people prefer these hat styles to unstructured hats.

However, it depends on the look you want to achieve.

A structured hat’s drawback is that it can easily lose its shape, largely because it has one to begin with.

You don’t really need to worry about it though because it is so close to your head. Additionally, I believe that these hats look great on people with shaved heads because they sit so closely to the head.

Medium Profile Cap

Medium profile caps are the next type of cap we have, and these are the types of caps I typically choose.

A cap with a medium profile often has a crown height of three to four inches.

I prefer caps with a three to three and a half inch crown on them.

These hat designs give your head a little bit of height and shape, but not too much. They still look stylish.

These also exist in structured and unstructured varieties, just like the previous types of hats.

These styles of caps are going to work really well for you if you’re someone who looks better with a little bit of volume on top of your head with your hair, you don’t look so good with a shaven head, but you look good with a quiff, for example.

Personally, I like a five-panel cap in this style with the front panel forming a point at the front of the cap.

With my caps, I often look for a point in the front. I usually don’t purchase something if it lacks one of those.

Another option is a six panel cap with a seam running along the front of the cap. These cap designs typically have a smoother finish and are more rounded. A six panel cap might be your best option if you prefer that sort of stuff.

In essence, a five panel cap indicates that it has five panels, whereas a six panel cap indicates that it has six. Easy to understand.

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In my opinion, if you’re unsure of what to choose, a medium profile cap is the best option because it fits the majority of people.

High Profile Cap

A high profile cap can be your best option if you want to increase the height of your head even further.

These structured caps often have a crown height of 4 inches or more. A pretty good example of this type of hat is the New Era 59Fifty.

These are a little bit too high in my opinion, but other people can pull them off quite nicely.

These hats are undoubtedly the most difficult to dress up, and I feel they are the most casual of all the hats.

However, because it has more depth, this cap can work for you incredibly well if you have a larger head.

I would advise avoiding this style of cap if your head is on the smaller side because it can make your head look smaller.

Trucker Cap

The trucker hat is the next style of hat that we have.

Trucker hats often have a structured appearance and available in all the above-mentioned styles.

A low profile, medium profile, and high profile trucker cap are all available.

The mesh finish around the back of the cap is the strongest indicator of a trucker hat.

I do appreciate a trucker hat. I enjoy the look they seem, and I believe that since they let some air reach your head in the summer, they give a terrific option.

Camp Cap

The camp hat is the next item on the list. It has five panels and typically has a boxy, square appearance.

Although they have five panels, they are not made in the same way as the hats we talked earlier with the points at the front, making them one of the easiest hats to identify.

The front of the cap has a smoother, squarer finish.

Skateboarders and people who like workwear typically wear these styles of caps.

These hats, in my opinion, give off a more laid-back vibe because they resemble the kind of cap you’d put on if you were prepared for action.

They rank among the trickiest cap designs, in my opinion. They don’t really fit my style, yet some people manage to pull them off effectively.

The Peak

How about your hat’s peak?

Because some of the rounder peaks might project outward and make your head look smaller, if you have a smaller head, I would advise you to choose a cap with a more rectangular peak.

You can wear any if you don’t have a smaller head.

My head size would be described as medium to large, and I actually like to wear a rectangular peak. I like it better.

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However, give each a shot and see which one suits you the best.

I prefer a tiny curve when it comes to whether you should curve your hat or leave it flat. A flat peak doesn’t follow the contours of your face and can appear a little harsh and inflexible.

The Back

Which style works best for the back of your hat?

You have the fitted hat, which does have a really polished appearance. The only downside is that you can’t adjust them, so you have to be aware of your head size.

And then you’ve got snapbacks, which you can adjust but only to the size of the holes that are provided. Nevertheless, I’ve never had any issues with them.

Next, we have the strap back style, which is both my favorite and the style I would recommend. The size of them is completely under your control, and they have a higher-quality finish.

I also appreciate the option to add some extra detail to your outfit by having the strap protrude from the back. For a neater finish, you may certainly tuck it in, but I prefer to leave mine hanging out.

Then there are the elastic and velcro straps, which are definitely my least preferred. They may have a cheap-looking appearance, but if I like a hat otherwise, I won’t be deterred by that.

The Front

You have the option of choosing a plane cap, a cap with text or a cap with a design on the front.

You can locate a cap with a design or some inscription that spans the entire front of the panel.

The place where you can add a little bit of detail to your outfit if you generally dress extremely simply.

Because I could go on forever, I’ll stop here. In this article, I tried to give you just enough knowledge to let you know what to watch out for, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.

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