How to Dress For a Presentation & Public Speaking

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How to Dress For a Presentation & Public Speaking

Here you will learn how to dress for presentations and public speaking engagements.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of personal style and personal branding when delivering a message to an audience. She states that speakers and presenters have a split second to make an impression and that their style can communicate their message before they even begin speaking.

She then proceeds to highlight eight common mistakes that speakers make when dressing for a presentation.

The first mistake is not considering the environment or the backdrop of the room they will be speaking in. She advises that speakers should choose colors that complement or contrast with their environment and ensure that they stand out.

The second mistake is over-accessorizing, which can be distracting and take away from the speaker’s message. She suggests finding the right balance of accessories that complement the outfit and the speaker’s style without distracting the audience.

The third mistake is wearing colors that clash with the speaker’s skin tone or make them look sickly or unprepared. Sarah recommends a simple color analysis to determine which colors work well with the speaker’s skin tone, hair, and eye color.

The fourth mistake is dressing to impress the audience and losing the speaker’s personality in the process. She advises finding a balance between respecting the corporate environment and expressing the speaker’s unique style and personality.

The fifth mistake is wearing clothing that is not flattering to the speaker’s body shape, height, or overall structure. She emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s proportions and choosing clothing that flatters the body.

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The sixth mistake is not considering the journey from the audience to the stage. Speakers should dress in a way that is practical and allows them to move comfortably and confidently from their starting point to the stage.

The seventh mistake is not considering the lighting or camera angles of the room. She advises speakers to test out the lighting and camera angles ahead of time to ensure that their clothing looks flattering and does not distract from their message.

The eighth and final mistake is not rehearsing the outfit ahead of time. She suggests rehearsing the outfit, hair, and makeup to ensure that everything works well together and that the speaker feels confident and comfortable.

Overall, the video provides helpful tips and advice for speakers and presenters to consider when choosing their clothing and accessories for a presentation or public speaking engagement.

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