How to Dress For Petite Figure (Style Tips)

How to Dress For Petite Figure (Style Tips)

I’d want to talk about how to dress for a petite figure and offer some of my favorite petite style tips.

As someone who stands 5’3″, I’ve been following these tips for years, and I’ve discovered that some of them work for other people as well.

These are real-world items that you can use to make yourself appear attractive in real life, not simply on camera or video.

Let’s get started.

What Does Petite Mean?

First and foremost. When I say petite, I’m referring to a specific height category. It has nothing to do with your body type or anything else but your height.

Petite is defined as someone who is under five feet four inches tall. Because apparel marketed to petites has recently been downsized, knowing this might assist you identify small items.

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For someone under 5’4, the proportions will be slightly better, with shorter sleeves and shorter inseams.

Identify Where You’re Petite

With that said, it’s critical to understand your petite status. Do you have a small figure all over or are you merely petite in one section of your body?

Using myself as an example, I am a petite in my arms and nearly always require petite shirts unless I roll, cuff, or push them up.

For example, a small jacket always fits me perfectly about the wrists and shoulders.

However, because my legs are a little longer, I don’t usually need mini pants. I can get ordinary pants, which are OK. If I’m being picky, I might raise them an inch here and there.

Understanding what is petite for you and what is not is quite beneficial and a fantastic place to begin.

Two Categories Of Petite Styling

When it comes to small styling tips, there are two things to consider.

The first is to make yourself appear taller in images and videos, which you can only do if you’re alone. When you’re in a shot with another person, your height will be evident.

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It’s not always the most practical advise when it comes to really living your life.

The second option is to simply embrace your individuality and lean towards it.

Tailoring Is Crucial

My firs tip is to seek out a tailor. It will dramatically transform your life. When I started getting my clothes tailored (my mother took me to the tailor when I was a teen), it entirely changed the way I looked at fashion.

I didn’t want to be much taller any longer. Instead, I could take my favorite clothes and have them tailored to my specifications.

It comes highly recommended from me.

You’ll be able to have items that are vintage or secondhand, or even just anything from a brand that you adore, modified to fit you and your overall height precisely.

Find a tailor without a doubt.

Take Pictures Of Your Outfits

My next piece of advice is to take a photo your clothing.

I always advise wearing clothes that make you feel great, since it is the most crucial factor to consider while getting dressed because that is how we live and breathe in life.

Although there aren’t many occasions when you’ll be photographed, I utilize this information to determine what would look well on camera.

Because, as I already stated, real life and the camera are very different.

If you take your shots at about shoulder level, you can use this information. That’s how people view you, and it’s how they usually take photos before getting ready for an event.

So that if you’re going somewhere, like a wedding or a special birthday party, and you know you’ll be photographed, you’ll be completely comfortable with the results.

I used to dread getting my picture taken since it didn’t always turn out the way I wanted. Instead, I’m able to take charge of it, which has been quite liberating.

I also recommend it to you.

Separates Are Key

I also enjoy using separates to create my own proportions.

Working with separates is a great way to adapt things to you if you can’t go to the tailor or don’t have access to petite sizing.

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You can tuck a top in exactly where you want it, blouse it out a little, push up sleeves, wear items a little more big on purpose, and cuff pants.

It makes it a little easier to achieve the proportions that are occurring within your own body. It’s also simpler to locate separates, and your wardrobe is a lot more adaptable because you can mix and match, which I adore.

Choose Cropped

My next piece of advice is to look for cropped items. Cropped blouses, cropped jackets, and cropped jeans are all popular. Those proportions are almost certainly going to be ideal for you. They might not appear cropped on you.

It’s a good approach to find items that will fit exactly where you want them without having to alter them. Cropped pants could be the ideal length for you.

How to Dress Petite Women

Allow Breathing Room

Allowing some breathing room is also one of my favorite methods to create silhouettes and proportions that I enjoy on a diminutive stature. Accentuating your body’s natural taper is a lovely method to do this.

Showing off your ankles, wrists, clavicles, or neck, if you have a very long neck, and sharper shoulders are all possibilities. Anything near the waist tends to work, as does anything that draws attention to your features.

Because big apparel or clothing designed for someone a little taller can make you feel a little confused. Accentuating areas where you naturally taper allows people to see your exact silhouette, which I always think looks great.

Mix Silhouettes

I also enjoy mixing silhouettes to achieve the same effect of bringing your features into prominence.

Wearing an oversized top with extremely slim cropped pants or a very narrow close to the body top with more gigantic, big, and voluminous pants.

Playing with proportions is a great approach to show off what makes you unique.

It’s also a great chance to experiment with items that are available in regular sizing and adapt them to fit you and your diminutive frame.

I enjoy wearing big shirts, and I really enjoy wearing them with really thin cropped pants and a tiny shoe to emphasize the proportions, as well as rolling up the sleeves and showing my wrists while still leaving some breathing room up top.

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Overall, it allows me to wear clothes that are basically too big for me, but in a way that feels purposeful and deliberate.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

Scale Things Down

Scaling things down is something else I’ve been doing more recently and paying a lot more attention to.

Because being small usually entails being a few inches shorter than the average person, objects will appear slightly bigger. This can be leveraged to your advantage, especially when it comes to accessories, to achieve the proportions you like.

Wearing a large earring may highlight your little figure, while obtaining a handbag proportionately smaller than you will appear to be built exclusively for you.

People will notice you and the thought that went into your appearance.

Looking for micro or small-scale items is a great way to go about it, and it’s something I’ve done in the past.

Seek Styling Tips From Other Petite Women

Last but not least, seek styling tips from other petite women. Inspiration is crucial when it comes to putting together a wardrobe. It’s something I talk about all the time.

It can assist you in determining what you enjoy and dislike, as well as provide you with a clear focus.

It’s especially useful when you’re looking at people with similar skin tones and heights since you can see what works for them, what they enjoy wearing, and what looks good on camera. You can use it for special occasions as well as everyday life.

This is something I’ve been doing more of lately, and it’s been quite beneficial.

It’s given me a lot of insight into styling elements that you do instinctively but often overlook.

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