How to Dress a Long Torso (7 Tips)

how to dress a long torso

For those of you with a long waist who want to know how to dress a long torso, here are some styling tips.

My goal is to help you appear like the best version of yourself, and one way we’ll do that is by going back to the basics.

I’m guessing you’re aware of your long waist. What this means is that your torso is proportionately longer than your legs.

It’s not always easy to find the right fit. You may have noticed that dresses and jumpsuits for your body type are really difficult to come by.

You may also note that a high rise on you looks more like a mid rise. When people mention high rise, you laugh because you look down and think, “That’s mid rise on me.”

You might also notice that when you wear a cropped sweater, shirt, or jacket, it’s so cropped that you can’t wear it.

Those are the issues that long-waisted women face, and if you’re one of them, don’t worry. You won’t even flinch since I have so many tools for you to have in your toolbox.

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We’re going to use some stylistic wizardry to achieve visual proportion. We’ll do this by making your upper body, which is longer, appear shorter, and your lower body, which is shorter, appear longer.

Pants with a High Waist

The first styling technique I’d like to share with you is essential for those of you who have a long torso.

The hyper, super high rise pants and jeans are a must-have. We’re talking about a rise of 12 inches or more. Because anything lower than that will be more like a mid rise on you.

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Before you order a pair of pants or jeans, read the fine print on the internet to see what the rise is like for that pair of pants or jeans.

Is it a 12 inch or a higher height?

Look for terms like “super high rise” and “ultra high rise.” Those will be crucial for you.

A pair of Marissa Webb pants is a fantastic example. The Gia pants are what they’re called. These are insanely high-rise pants. They will drastically reduce the length of your torso.

Even though I’m proportioned, I still adore these pants because they make me look like I have no torso. I’m also petite, so wearing a pair of pants this height or this tall makes me look like I have no torso.

If you have a long torso, a pair of jeans like these will help you shorten your upper body, which is exactly what you want.

Tuck Your Top In

Number two is tucking your tops in. That is an essential, crucial advice for you to help make your upper body appear shorter and your bottom body appear longer.

Make sure you’re not wearing your top outside. Because then you’ve completely wrecked the effect. Make sure your top is tucked in.

You’ll need a lot of tuckable tops and blouses in your closet. That means they need to be shorter and made of a very light, thin fabric that can tuck in without adding bulk around your stomach.

These aren’t as easy to come by as you may believe.

I have a paper-thin framed blouse that is silk and tucks in neatly. You can use any kind of lightweight fabric for this, such as chiffon or silk, or a lightweight cotton or linen.

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You’ll want to seek for something that isn’t too flowy and won’t prevent you from tucking it in.

Make sure you purchase some fantastic tuck-friendly blouses and tees.

Flared & Wide Leg Pants

Wear flared or wide leg pants or jeans as your next styling advice for those of you with a lengthy torso.

These make your legs appear longer, which is important because if your legs are shorter, we want to lengthen the legs while shortening the upper body.

The flared or broad leg silhouette will make your legs appear longer, elongating your lower torso.

It’s even better if they’re also high-rise jeans.

You might wear a top that contrasts with your body to emphasize how short your torso appears.

How to Dress a Long Torso

Match Shoes and Pants

If you want your legs to appear longer, it’s critical that you pick shoes that are a similar color to the pants or jeans you’re wearing.

It doesn’t have to be an exact match, but it should be in the same color family. So, if you’re wearing dark blue jeans, you may go with black, brown, or navy, anything dark that would make your legs appear longer.

Simply keeping your legs looking long and slender is a very beneficial thing you can do.

Wear Cropped Jacket

Wearing a cropped jacket is the next fashion tip you may employ if you have a lengthy torso.

Any cropped jacket will cut off the torso, making it appear smaller and more proportionate to your figure.

Wearing that cropped jacket can be really beneficial to you.

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You should make sure that your pants or jeans have a high enough rise that the jacket covers the top of the jeans.

You want your jacket to be somewhat longer than your pants, but not by much, to get the desired visual proportion.

If you don’t have any jeans that are high enough for the cropped jacket you want to wear, you can get away with wearing a fitting camisole in a color that is fairly similar to the jacket. Wear it down over your pants, and you’ll still be able to wear your cropped jacket.

Wear Wide Belts

One of the best things about having a long waist is that you have a lot of room in your upper body, allowing you to wear big, broad belts.

Because you have this space, the wider the better.

Wear the belts all day, in whichever size you desire; the bigger the belt, the better.

Tall and Long Clothing

The last piece of advice I have for those of you with a long waist is to purchase tall or long.

With some outfits, especially one-piece swimsuits, jumpsuits, and dresses, you’ll have to do that.

To accommodate that longer torso, you’ll need to purchase taller, longer sizes.

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