How to Choose & Where to Buy Heated Socks

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How to Choose Heated Socks

Are you trying to keep your feet warm this winter? A top-notch pair of battery heated socks is what you need.

Winter outdoor activities can almost always be ruined by cold feet, but they can also make sleeping quite challenging.

Battery heated socks were once a specialty item. Now, though, a lot of individuals use them and find them to be extremely useful and popular.

How to Choose Heated Socks

You should be aware of the things to look for before investing in electric socks. These socks have several variations, so which one you choose will depend on your requirements.

Prior to anything else, think about what you’ll be doing while wearing these items. Are you hiking or skiing in the bitter cold? Or do you need a pair of socks for the office?

On this website, you’ll find the perfect sock for you because each sock is made to accomplish something unique.

Next, you should consider the battery type. There are primarily two types to select from: rechargeable and disposable. I prefer rechargeable over the other option for a number of reasons. Generally speaking, you won’t need to run to the store frequently to buy replacements.

The majority of rechargeable batteries have a 500+ recharge cycle. This implies you won’t need to replace them for a while. Higher-end heated socks typically use rechargeable batteries.

The biggest advantage of disposable batteries is that you may always travel with additional ones. You won’t have to worry about them running out of battery if you pack a couple backups. But it gets expensive to keep buying these batteries.

The heat settings should then be examined. Three settings—high, medium, and low—are standard for heated socks. Some also include a fourth. Others offer what is referred to as a boost setting, which offers you brief bursts of intense heat while conserving battery. All of this means that you can modify the temperature settings in accordance with the surroundings and the weather.

While some batteries only last for three to four hours, some can endure for twelve hours or longer. The battery lasts longer with a lower heat setting. Some socks have remote controls or Bluetooth controls that can be used to control them. The majority of batteries are covertly tucked into the socks.

You may change the heat settings on some models using the remote control. Others have a button on the battery.

More expensive battery-operated heated socks can be managed via Bluetooth on your smartphone.

There are products that use rechargeable batteries and others that run on double or triple AA’s or 9V.

Next, pay attention to other minor details like the sock’s fabric. Wool, cotton, or a combination of the two are your options.

The last step is to select a budget, which usually depends on your needs. Skiers and mountain climbers will need to spend extra because of the extreme cold. Spending less is an option for those looking to shovel driveways.

There are less sophisticated heated socks that cost around $40 and top-of-the-line socks that cost close to $300.

There are many inexpensive rechargeable heated socks on the market that use poor-quality batteries. I advise against making an investment in them. They’ll quickly let you down.

You could feel the wires and heating elements, and they do not heat evenly. The battery packs are also heavy and ineffective in extremely cold conditions.

While some socks can be machine washed, some must be hand washed. They will last you for many uses if you take good care of them.

Battery heated socks are the perfect option whether you simply want to keep your feet warm while working, protect them from freezing while playing outside, or simply want to go to sleep without waking up your significant other.

Where to Buy Heated Socks?

The Warming Store is the best store to buy heated socks from.

This online retailer is the world’s leading resource for temperature controlled garments.

They have the most options and the finest quality heated socks. With some of the most popular brands, their online store provides the most practical shopping experience.

Outdoor lovers, hunters, motorcyclists, and workers in the construction and industrial sectors are some of their customers.

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They cater to individuals who dislike feeling uncomfortable in the cold. Click here to visit the store.

What Are The Best Battery Heated Socks?

There are many high quality heated socks that you can buy, but in my opinion, the following 6 are best at the moment.


Volt electric socks

Many people have huge respect for the company Volt. They make a lot of heated clothing, including heated socks, gloves, jackets, and vests. Although Volt’s products are not inexpensive, the quality is definitely worth the cost.

These battery-operated heated socks are of the same high quality as their other products. The four heat settings are one thing I’m certain you’ll appreciate (most others have three). The additional setting is welcome since it enables you to obtain the ideal level of warmth regardless of the outside temperature.

One issue with heated socks is that they can make your feet to perspire, which can result in a variety of issues, such as blisters.

Fortunately, if you buy a pair of Volt heated socks, they have moisture-wicking fabrics that keep your feet completely dry while also offering comfort and flexibility.

They are thin enough to be worn under or over a typical pair of socks without any issues, which is another fantastic feature.

You can get this sock for slightly more than a hundred dollars, so it’s not terribly pricey either. I believe the price is ideal given all you get.

Volt battery-powered heated socks have four heat settings and, on the lowest setting, may give comforting warmth for up to ten hours. You get three hours of warmth on the highest setting.

A stylish remote control makes it simple and convenient to adjust the heat settings.

Volt’s battery heated socks include heating elements from the toes to the heel, unlike other electric socks that merely heat a portion of your insole.

Two rechargeable batteries power the heating components. Just two ounces are the total weight of each battery. On each sock, you tuck it away in a tiny pocket.

Flexible, cozy, strong, and well-made, these electric socks are ideal for any chilly outdoor activity.

Volt’s are a worth option to think about if you’re looking for high-quality electric socks.


Lenz heated socks 3.0

The best Bluetooth heated socks available are made by Lenz. They are renowned for their premium design and long battery life. I will discuss their top three models here.

The Lenz Heat Socks 1.0

This item has a feature that you only find on a few number of battery heated socks: it can be connected to and controlled by your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This feature greatly simplifies life and is especially useful for skiers or anyone wearing a lot of gear. To switch the heat to one of the three heat settings—high, medium, or low—you don’t even need to take off your boots to reach the battery; all you need to do is pull out your phone.

You’ll also enjoy the aspect that the lowest setting will provide heat for 14 hours straight. Most people don’t spend that much time outside in the cold, so whatever you’re doing should be more than enough to keep you warm.

The Lenz 1.0 can also be washed in a machine. Many pairs of heated socks require hand washing, but not in this instance. This is just one more feature that adds to the convenience of this sock.

However, it’s crucial to note that the sock is among the most expensive on the market. What will it cost? Around three hundred dollars.

Do I believe everyone needs this pair of socks? Actually, no. You can purchase one of the less expensive pairs if you just occasionally expect being outside in the cold. The Lenz 1.0 should be taken into consideration if you expect to be in really cold conditions and only want the best. It will be challenging to find a better product for your feet.

The Lenz Heated Socks 3.0

With regard to smartphone control, the 3.0s and 1.0s share a lot of similarities. In actuality, the Lenz app on your phone can control all Lenz equipment.

This heated sock will be especially useful for you if you anticipate being on the go and mobile. Because of its ergonomic design, your feet will be at ease all day.

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Additionally, there are three different heat settings included with this product. You can run the device for up to 14 hours on the lowest heat setting. Any outdoor enthusiast should enjoy this.

This sock wicks moisture away, keeping your feet dry—another aspect you’ll appreciate. Blisters are less likely to form as a result, ensuring optimal comfort.

However, Lenz gear is always more expensive, and the same is true with these. They will set you back around $300. However, there is no need to search further if you want the best of the best.

The Lenz Heat Sock 5.0

The 5.0 is almost identical to the 1.0 and 3.0 and is just one more excellent heated sock option for you.

This sock comes equipped with all the high Lenz features, like smart phone connectivity, long battery life, and premium materials.

Fully heated toe caps on the top and bottom are its key feature.

It will cost $420 and carries Lenz’s high price tag as well.


therm-ic powersock set 1400 bluetooth uni socks

Therm-ic heated socks are designed for extensive use in extremely cold conditions. They have good insulation against the cold because they are made of warm, breathable, and soft fabrics. These electric socks provide heat throughout your foot as a result of the X-socks technology.

Therm-ic 1400

The PowerSock 1400 from Therm-ic is a battery-heated sock that everyone who experiences cold weather should take into consideration.

This is especially true if you enjoy skiing, hiking, or climbing mountains. This sock was made to move.

You’re likely to appreciate that this product, like the Lenz socks, can sync with and be operated from your smartphone. You can easily change the heat thanks to this, which makes life lot simpler.

You get an incredible 16 hours of heat on the lowest setting, which is another feature that makes this sock worthwhile. You can’t find a better run time than that.

Additionally, the PowerSock 1400 is reinforced all throughout the sock to ensure longevity. This is crucial because this sock will set you back more than $300 and is highly expensive. You don’t want your socks to rip or become worn out too soon when you spend that much money on them.

Therm-ic 700

The 1400 PowerSocks and the 700 sock are very similar. The 1400 can hold a charge for roughly 16 hours while the 700 can only do so for roughly 8 hours.

The shorter run duration shouldn’t really matter because the majority of individuals don’t spend more than eight hours in the cold at a time.

When you want to turn the heat up or down, all you have to do is pull out your phone and make the change because this sock can also be controlled via your smartphone.

The stretch fabrics in this product, together with the fact that it keeps your feet dry, make it another that promotes mobility well.

The price of the 700 is similarly high, coming in at about $260. Considering everything that is included with this sock, though, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Therm-ic 1200

The cost of the PowerSock 1200 is $300. That covers the batteries, the charger, and a pair of socks.

The ski sock itself is of high quality. Because they are left and right handed, they conform to your feet like the majority of modern technical socks. There are 5 different sizes offered.

You receive a charger that plugs into a USB port, two batteries, and the charger. Plug them onto a computer and leave them overnight to charge them.

When the batteries are fully charged, you hold a switch to turn them on. After fully illuminating, it will flush sporadically. It’s the first setting. Press it once again for a double flush on setting two. If you press it a third time and it stays lit, it is on setting 3 at that point.

When it is set to setting 3, it will switch off after around five to ten seconds. There will then be sporadic, slow flashes. That means that it has locked into position, continuing to save energy while remaining in position three.

Go back to position one if you want, press it twice, and you’ll obtain the flush; that’s position one once more. Press and hold for a few seconds to switch it off.

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It slides into a space at the top of the sock once it has been charged and you are ready to use it. It is significantly taller than a ski boot. We have two connectors inside that we can connect it to.

You will feel the warmth spreading down your leg after it is on. Although you can’t feel it on the leg itself, warmth is felt under the foot. It is designed to warm the forefoot region, so if you can keep your forefoot warm, the remainder of your foot will also warm, keeping you comfortable all day.

Heat will remain on setting one for 12 to 14 hours. It stays between five and a half and seven and a half hours on position two, and between three and three-quarters and four hours on position three.

Your foot will begin to warm up very rapidly after you get to number 3, at which point you can go back down to number two or one.

Mobile Warming

Mobile Warming heated socks with remote

I would characterize the Mobile Warming heated socks as a middle-of-the-road product. Although they are not quite as high-quality or expensive as the socks from Lenz or Therm-ic, they are nonetheless better and more expensive than the comparable, less expensive items.

As a result, many people are curious about these battery-heated socks. They won’t break the bank and are decent enough to wear in cold temperatures.

You’re going to appreciate the fact that a remote control may be used to regulate the heat. This simplifies things and allows you to adjust the heat while wearing gloves, which may be difficult when using your smartphone.

Stretch fabrics were used to make this product as well. This makes these socks ideal for someone who anticipates moving around a lot.

Additionally, this sock keeps your feet dry and provides 11 hours of heat on the lowest heat setting. Not bad for a sock with a price tag of less than $100.

Hotronic XLP One

Hotronic heated socks

The XLP One from Hotronic, which is best known for its heated insoles and ski boot heaters, comes up to the high standards that the company has set for itself.

Another sock that those seeking the best should take into account is this one.

One feature you’ll appreciate is that this sock has four heat levels, one more than regular socks. Simply put, you now have more control over the level of warmth you experience.

You receive a scorching 156 degrees of heat on the highest heat setting. That will more than suffice to keep your toes warm even in the coldest conditions.

Additionally, because this sock is wool, it will keep your feet warm even while the heater is off.

Also, you won’t have to be concerned about the battery running out. On the lowest setting, this sock provides 13 hours of warmth.

However, you should expect to pay more than $200 for this sock if you want to wear it. In life, you get what you pay for, and here, you’re paying for quality.



Next, we have a sock that is significantly more economical for those on a tight budget. The price of this Flambeau product is $125.

Do I believe it to be on par with the Lenz socks? No, but it’s well-made and will still make a lot of people happy.

This company is best renowned for its hunting and fishing equipment, and fans of both activities adore this sock.

There are various heat settings available, ranging from high to low. Any hunter or angler would be quite delighted with the 8 hours of heat you get on the lowest setting.

Given that this sock has carbon fiber heating components, it heats quite quickly. It also means that the heating elements are fairly robust.

This is a pretty good product all around. It won’t blow you away, but under the appropriate circumstances, it can be pretty useful.

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Where to Buy Heated Socks

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