How to Choose The Right Shoes For Your Feet

how to choose the right shoes for your feet

Do you know what is your foot shape? If that’s the case, the next natural question is: how do you select shoes that fit? How do you know which shoes are best for your feet?

Not every pair of shoes is suitable for everyone.

If you have a square foot, you’ll notice that your little toe protrudes from the shoe when you wear sandals.

When it comes to shoe shopping, there are four factors to consider:

  • the size
  • the toe shape
  • the width
  • the arch

The Size

Let’s begin with the size.

If my foot is 25cm long and I am a size 39 in Europe, I am a size 5 ½ or 6 in the UK, and a size 7 ½ or 8 in the US for ordinary shoes. However, I wear a size 8 in sports shoes.

Regular American shoes do not have the same gap in sizes as sneakers. I have no idea how they got themselves into this scenario.

If you buy sneakers from a European brand, you should get the same size as you would for your regular shoes. From a consumer’s standpoint, it makes more sense.

After that, I’d be a size 25 in Japan. A scale that is completely different. It’s utterly perplexing.

When shopping for shoes online, use a shoe size chart to get a better sense of the size you need, depending on which brand you’re ordering from.

That is the official range, which is typically used for mass production by international brands.

However, you may go to a store and try on a smaller brand in your usual size only to discover that you need to go down two sizes since the brand calculates its sizing “creatively.”

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So the only guideline is to try on while standing and walking rather than sitting.

Also, try on both feet because we all have one foot that is larger and wider than the other.

The Shape

Then we’ll discuss the shape of the toes.

There are five basic foot shapes:

  • Egyptian
  • Greek
  • Roman
  • Square
  • Germanic

If you’re unsure about your foot shape, read this article: 5 Different Foot Shapes.

different foot shapes - 5 types

Each type of shoe is made to fit a particular foot shape.


It’s a pair of open-toed shoes. Sandals are awesome for Greek feet.

The longest point of a sandal, when viewed from above, is not where the big toe is, but where the second toe is. That is the longest toe on a Greek foot.

Sandals will also be comfortable for a Roman foot.

There will be a lot of empty space if you have an Egyptian foot, but it won’t hurt.

Square and Germanic feet will not be at ease. Consider shopping for bigger sandals in your instance to accommodate your foot width.


For sports or recreational purposes. Because they have the widest shape, they are normally intended for square feet.

Because sneakers are closed shoes, they must fit almost everyone. They are great to Germanic foot.

The shoes will feel too huge for Egyptian, Greek, and Roman feet.

I have Greek feet and often worry if I should size down when trying on sneakers because my toes are swimming in the shoe.

Many sneaker makers, on the other hand, are bringing back retro designs from previous decades, which are much narrower. So, if you’re having the same problem as me, consider retro sneakers.

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Pointy Shoes

Pointy shoes, with or without heels, are made for Greek feet and predominately fit Greek feet.

Roman feet will be so-so comfy. Egyptian feet are the same way.

Square feet and Germanic feet will suffer big time.

It adds to the strain by forcing your foot forward to the point where it is the widest, causing your big toe to be pushed towards the others.

This eventually leads to a bunion, which is a deformation of your big toe (leaning towards the others) that can be extremely painful as you become older.

Although pointy shoes are attractive, do not wear them for long periods of time. Instead, look for shoes with a square or rounded toe, such as ballerinas, Mary- Jane’s, and Chelsea boots.


When it comes to boots, they’re similar to sneakers in that they’re made for everyone. Great for Germanic and Square feet. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman feet will benefit from this item.

Why do boots look good on everyone?

They are normally fairly spherical in the front and very wide in the back.

How to Choose The Right Shoes For Your Feet

The Width

You should also consider the width of a shoe in addition to its shape.

In general, there are three widths:

  • narrow
  • medium
  • wide

On a horizontal line, it is measured at the broadest point of your foot. However, mass-produced shoes are only available in a medium width.

Look at higher-quality show-making brands if your foot is thinner or wider than the average. They provide you the option of selecting the size and width. However, this means the company will have a lot of inventory.

Shoes of Prey is an example of a new type of online store.

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It’s one I found on YouTube because the founder has a YouTube channel where you can design your own shoe, choose the heel height, toe shape, color, width, and so on, and they’ll make it for you.

I think it’s a great idea since it gives you more choices as a customer.

The Arch

Then there’s the arch within the shoe. The arch of your foot is unique to you; no two are alike.

In the past, shoes were made with a built-in arch and a cushion under the heel.

To make things easier, the interior sole is often flat. Which is inconvenient, especially in the case of flat-footed ballerinas.

As a result, adding your own insole is the ideal alternative. One that is comfortable for your arch, supports your foot, and protects your heel.

Mine are custom-made for my foot, and I use them in flat shoes, including sports shoes when I work out, to keep my feet stable and my ankles straight.

It’s definitely worth the money.

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